Under the outbreak of the construction of campus, staff canteen need this brush out of contact face to pay the cashier!

by:Fdata     2020-05-13
As domestic outbreak of stable gradually, also resumed classes in recent round around the country, to return to work. How to realize the campus, construction site, such as unit meals at the wisdom of the settlement, from the previous card or sign in, upgraded to brush a face, under the situation of payment is development needs, is the development of the group meal demand. With the new retail technology development, in intelligent cash registers, smart container, there is no shelf support scan code to pay, fingerprint identification technology has not fresh, higher order now the game is to brush the face. As a cashier 5 intelligence brush face to pay. The era of emerging technologies, which are widely used in the campus canteen, wisdom, supermarkets, convenience stores and other places. Special brush when face to pay the cashier first of all, conventional 2 d face recognition is based on facial features to identify, such as facial texture information, mouth size, the distance between two eyes, but the discretion of the degree of depression of the eyes, nose, etc are unable to express, so accuracy is relatively low, the risk on the counterfeit is high also, so in terms of payments, brush face pay cash register most require financial level of 3 d visual identification, from multiple dimensions to recognize faces. And the market is the mainstream of 3 d visual design has three types: binocular imaging, structure light. Binocular imaging: through the dual camera object, the object distance by triangle theory calculation, high resolution, but to the environment request is higher, dark environment or feature is not obvious when the effect not beautiful, and it demands for software algorithm is higher, computation volume is larger. Special brush when face to pay the screen to register 3 d structure light: mature, has been widely used in the field of 3 d vision, but susceptible to the interference of the ambient light, can be calculated by reflected light of the ground displacement position, have strict requirements to identify distance, identify scope in 0. 2 m to 1. 2 m, more difficult to calculate the accurate depth information, use in mobile phones, face recognition and face more pay. Special brush when face to pay the cashier equipment mostly USES the 3 d structure light camera, have passed certification WeChat payment platform. Face recognition system is accomplished by scanning face settlement wisdom, truly brush face to have a meal, so as to realize rapid settlement of a kind of wisdom catering management system. Special canteen stall when the rich pay special brush face equipment and facial recognition wise canteen cashier system can realize no one cashier, brush a face. Face recognition wisdom canteen cashier department of power construction and development of campus canteen, also let the campus and homes for children in the school dining situation can have a clear consumption, children eat not to eat, through parents party system of payment information can be clear at a glance, missing have a student meal card is no longer need to fill do such tedious things happen.
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