Uniqlo, ZARA use smart cash register create their own advantage!

by:Fdata     2020-06-06
In 2019, due to fierce competition and customer loss, some foreign well-known clothing brands such as Forever21, Forever21 subsequently withdraw from the Chinese market. Outbreak, clothing retail while no restaurant industry the impact is serious, but also facing downward pressure on performance. Many consumers would buy original budget to buy food, daily necessities and so on in the budget. Clothing retail industry pay attention to cash flow, but when the clothes don't sell goods backlog, leads to a longer cycle time, to make clothing store losses. How to make use of intelligent hardware and intelligent ways to get customers back? Opened more than 700 stores in China uniqlo perhaps can be used as an example of clothing stores. In addition to actively introduce online mall sales to retail stores of uniqlo introduced intelligent pos cash register, can not only get through online ( Online orders, customers can according to the order to the shop come undone) , but also rely on the clothing store smart cash register on sales, enters sells saves, personnel management, and other intelligence summary analysis, thus reducing the backlog of goods. In the presence of intelligent register analysis for some clothes backlog, the manager can according to the data in time discount promotions, to help clean up the inventory quickly and maintain cash flow. In addition, the intelligence can register according to the sales data analysis market feedback, to know which style sells best, what kind of material clothes, the most popular guide to personalized clothing design development at the same time, avoid blind development of upstream apparel products, research and development of waste and raw material resources, reduce the risk of pressure cargo account. Such as sky wave intelligent double screen cash register application in the clothing retail scene, optional collocation of food and beverage retail cashier software, support scan code storage, easy photo storage enters sells saves the management, store management, affiliate marketing, and other functions, and can be an external mainstream coffers, cash register external code gun, printers and other accessories, greatly broadening the usage scenario. Part of the clothing store in addition to using intelligent cash register, use the automated clearing machine also. Way to make the customer more at home shopping, just call the assistant when you need it to provide services, may be in imperceptible to buy more clothes; And let the clerk can make effort to do a good job of other ( Such as after finishing is trying on clothes, sorting inventory, goods shelves, answer customer consultation, etc. ) , improve efficiency and save cost. ZARA has opened a clothing store, wisdom in Spain can provide self-service checkout settlement, reduce the time of the check-out queues, let volume increase greatly, really fast fashion clothing sales. Entities on clothing retail clothing sales cable incomparable advantage, customers can try on clothes, first understand the upper body effect, reduce the rate of return, at the same time, through the intelligent hardware devices such as intelligence, cashier machine can promote the efficiency of the clothing retail entity, make services more intimate, customer returns without even small notes, only the smart cash register can obtain customer shopping information, reduce disputes and fraud, make clothing shopping more flexible, technology innovation, the shopping experience is better.
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