Unity is strength, not afraid outbreak 丨 peng letter access business group company donated more than 20000 masks _ display device

by:Fdata     2020-06-07
In 2020 the beginning, is difficult. In order to fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia, the country has already entered into a state of emergency prevention and control, the nation to take tough measures, prevention of science, in the same boat. Before the outbreak, countless soldiers select retrograde, silently fighting in the first line resistance to disease. They use ordinary flesh and blood, guarding our lives, to defend the nation's security. The virus is not terrible, because of the national people's efforts. In the face of the outbreak, China pos network actively called for the whole society and the industry common disease, in support of wuhan, outbreak, donation compassion activity, many enterprises and individuals have a helping hand. Shenzhen peng letter access business group technology co. , LTD. As a responsible enterprise, actively responded to an appeal by the China POS and take concrete actions to assume social responsibility, donated more than 20000 masks, love the source of shenzhen, the heart of hubei, do our best to, to fight the outbreak. Pass love, hold up hope! It was because of the light of love, that makes us see the dawn of victory. As of February 18, 2020, 15, a new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia of the 72530 cases of confirmed cases, 6242 cases of suspected cases have been cured cases in 12716 cases. Cured cases gradually increased, suspected cases has been on the decline, the outbreak in the transit, this is the result of joint efforts. Let's continue to work hard, giving love to fight disease. China POS network media as an authority, will provide the corresponding service for the donation activities, enterprises and individuals must remember love the donation certificate provided to us, we will be good statistics related list, stay after the outbreak again with wuhan Red Cross docking, provided by their unified contribution certificate and receipt. China POS network will also be in close to a period of continuous reports and the donation list. Is giving way and related to the following problems: one, donation way: ( A) Material donations address: the riverbank district in wuhan city, hubei province of the People's Republic of China 162 victory street, the Red Cross in wuhan city, zip code: 430000, consignee: Ye Huimin, consignee telephone: 02782210181 ( 2) Endowment way: 1, the donation account: account 1:4218 6015 8018 8001 18860 account: wuhan city Red Cross bank: bank of communications in hubei branch number 2:17, 0002, 0104, 0005 351 account: wuhan city Red Cross foundation bank: agricultural bank of China branch 2 victory street, donation: website (website of wuhan city Red Cross official http://www。 wuhanrc。 org。 cn) Links, click on the home page to donate money. 3, the cash donation: silk road area in wuhan city 162 victory street Red Cross donation in wuhan city hall. Second, the current epidemic prevention and control work urgently needed supplies: N95 respirator ( Is registration certificate, not valve) And protective clothing ( Conjoined with overshoes) , disposable hospital surgical masks, protective masks, goggles, 84 disinfectant, one-time disinfection bedspread, one-time common respirator, disposable medical hats, disposable gown, medical gloves, etc. Third, about in and out of wuhan. All of the Red Cross donated much-needed supplies to the wuhan transportation vehicles are in wuhan city, from the han can be issued by the Red Cross in wuhan city special permit from the city. After the wind and rain, but it will see the sun. We expect action and colleagues from all walks of life, do our best to actively, offer outbreak love in different ways. The disease will be over, victory has been waved to us, let us hold on!
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