Using a handheld PDA terminal APP instead of traditional handwritten list 丨 build enterprise mobile application! _ printing devices

by:Fdata     2020-05-07
Wine distribution company, owns the high-end experience store and multiple storage warehouse. The main agent products: four wine, maotai, wuliangye, jiannanchun and other high-end wine and imported wine, wine, such as France and Italy; Is a famous local business for more than 20 years old. Wholesale stores and the integration of warehousing and distribution services, has a strong business elite team and delivery team, Xie Xuan wine has been considered in enterprise management software, to realize the enterprise internal management idea, but has not met the right software. In may this year, in a coincidence, the vast intelligence software sales consultant on Xie Xuan wine, the head of the prelude to co-operate. Main requirements: user companies for more than 20 years development, has been using the traditional manual accounting, handwritten documents delivery and recording financial situation. Such as store sales receptionist with handwritten documents with clients, such as business visit team, with a handwritten documents record customer order detail, must use software to manage, with the latest management ideas and management pattern, the company to further develop and expand! Application solutions, routing management and efficient business operation process system is the core of enterprise management. Vast intelligence software using type management, streamline operation mode, set up in the system with Xie Xuan wine management process. Solve the cohesion of problems in the enterprise internal departments, cultivate enterprise employees according to business processes to work consciously. Making enterprise mobile application using an intelligent mobile terminal software application, Xie Xuan wine stores reception using the vast intelligent PDA mobile device, instead of traditional handwritten documents, efficiency and normative improve reception at the same time, improve the overall image. The salesman team using PDA handset APP instead of traditional handwritten list. Shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. , an intelligent system is mainly considered the later development, realize the online, let the customer directly by computer, mobile phone, WeChat orders and orders shipping warehouse directly, no need to rely on the salesman and traditional stores order. Future competition in the market, the competition is not the price, but by service and experience. Vast intelligence platform for the long-term development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.
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