Using coupons marketing retaining old customers, attract more new customers!

by:Fdata     2020-08-10
Traditional coupon marketing way is directly to issue paper coupons, not only the cost is high, and the type of coupon is too general. Merchants using store surplus easy member management system, in the form of electronic coupon can be used to manage, by setting up a variety of coupon type, to retain old customers, attract more new customers. ( The membership card system) Use coupons marketing methods to attract more new customers? Members in the marketing's approach is often a coupon marketing. Coupons have a variety of types, such as cash coupons, vouchers, coupons, discount coupon, buy, general notes, full cut coupons, vouchers, etc. , to adopt different kinds of coupons, role are also quite different. So, how to use the member management system completes the coupon marketing? 1, the new type drainage to take this coupon type is mainly in order to attract more customers spend, near by send users within 5 km of coupons, thus facilitating the flow of guests into the shop, new opportunities. Businesses can in the member management system Marketing module of the tool set in the electronic coupon, add the discount amount, short service life, low collar, single use, use per person threshold. Type 2, guided using this coupon type is mainly in order to let members produce again consumption, prompting the receipt of the old customers secondary marketing, increase the rate of returns. Businesses can screening in the member management system set in the coupon eligible member coupons, sent directly to the customer online account card stock package, customers can also choose to not to SMS. Can also through the way of sweeping code coupon redemption again when presented to the new and old members secondary consumer use. 3 take this coupon type and stimulating type is mainly in order to stimulate consumption low frequency customers into the store, to increase their number into the shop, and new members to store consumption together. Businesses can set preferential activities in the member management system, including discount, discount preferential type, content, whether to share.
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