Using self-service supermarket cashier in supermarket and what benefits consumers have?

by:Fdata     2020-06-11
New retail gradually in-depth market, industry transformation and upgrading, such as the use of new retail self-service cashier in the supermarket equipment, it by its convenient settlement, fresh shopping experience for customers. This new type of artificial checkout cashier way than in the past time. And small make up to use the self-service checkout equipment checkout is loved by young people. Supermarket in order to help customers solve problems arising from the shopping at any time, also self-service register is equipped with service personnel, timely understand customer use in the process of the problems and Suggestions. So, for the supermarket use self-service checkout service customers, what are the benefits for supermarkets and consumers? A, convenient payment is a necessary link in consumer behavior, especially in recent years, more and more diversified means of paying a lot of people already have not the habit of carrying cash, and when consumers pay, also let the steps consumers pay more, the traditional single type to the cash register has been unable to meet the needs of businesses. Especially for convenient business industry, guest unit price is low, the number of daily transactions, one-stop sweep yards cashier is the current system must have the function of the store. System can also be a key to open stores WeChat, pay treasure payment, let the consumer in the consumer when convenient and hassle free. Second, the whole scene covers the current store cashier system is no longer a simple cashier to an account, you also need to solve the other problems encountered in the process of business management. Convenient business super industry, in the period of new retail around the supermarket for more diversified service scene, promotion for users, integral gifts, favorites express lanes, and other functions through the service function of the retail scene, not only speed up the efficiency of cashier, more promoted consumption experience. Third, the management function for the entity stores, store management it is very important to grasp the situation of the system need to provide multiple stores data to assist the owner management easier. 1. Goods, inventory management fully the role of data mining goods, goods inventory warnings that merchants sell like hot cakes products, low inventory goods procurement; For commodity sales data analysis of gross margin, sales, etc. 2. Report management based on cloud computing of large data statistics and analysis, make store merchandise sales and time analysis report. Data directly to tell what is the best goods to merchants to sell, what time traffic according to the actual operating conditions of the store, to help businesses to adjust goods carried, increase effective inventory accounted for. 3. Members to help the owner through marketing activities, marketing management attract membership registration, data statistics and analysis, parsing member consumption habits, make a targeted marketing activities, promote the secondary marketing members. To form a perfect virtuous cycle. Store cashier system helps the owner improve efficiency increase profit. With the advent of the era of the Internet and the popularization of mobile payment, offline store upgrade using store cashier system become a trend. The current store cashier system, have been not only limited to simple cashier to charge to an account. In addition also includes series of Internet marketing management, help improve the shopkeeper stores earnings from multiple perspectives. For supermarkets boss, convenient check, it can improve the efficiency of the supermarket cashier, cashier accuracy at the same time, to reduce the customer complaint rate has also played a positive role; Technically, self-service checkout payment based on the data and technical drivers, can be more efficient for the customer's consumption behavior, consumption characteristics analysis and management, in order to improve the operating efficiency of the store. For consumers, the self-service register will help customers achieve rapid checkout, reduce queuing time, bring customer good shopping experience.
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