Vast intelligent PDA fixed asset barcode management system help enterprise assets to improve the efficiency of management. _ printing devices

by:Fdata     2020-06-13
Vast intelligent PDA asset inventory management system for asset managers and other management personnel and design, functional requirements are divided into computer PC system data interface program and mobile inventory two parts, including two modules for mobile equipment inventory procedure for inventory and asset inventory. Goods inventory and goods inventory, bar code validation, data adjustment, inventory query, delete the data; Asset inventory and assets inventory, query, delete data several modules; By employees working platform, asset management, commodity inventory operation for their staff. Help managers in multiple perspectives to query, statistics, analysis data assets, improve efficiency. In order to ensure the running business is simple to help enterprise assets to improve the efficiency of management. Main functions: support for inventory systems running inventory, with no download the basic data for inventory or asset inventory planning cases, the system will not be allowed to enter the corresponding subroutine menu. After scanning the barcode for inventory, the system automatically retrieve equipment existing inventory plan; Such as find inventory data, the system will display the corresponding information in the interface, and the cursor automatically jump to the number of input box, waiting for input the inventory quantity of the item. Interface at the bottom of the red font to record the number of this kind of goods has been set, the amount of detail in order to ensure the inventory goods. Support asset inventory system in asset inventory, barcode scanning or input filter inventory data, display and the data matching the input item; Modify the data plate. In asset query interface to adjustment of state assets, need in the asset inventory page, once again, the location of the assets to select or idle assets status to in use and save; Only state for inventory surplus assets can only delete, cannot change the status of assets, such as unable to change the state of idle or inventory surplus assets in use; In the asset query module can check to retain the last time inventory data; If they do not need to will the inventory data and the last time, may be the last inventory data again to clear the inventory plan; Support asset inventory data synchronization system with PC system support directly connected to the PC program, synchronous data. Goods well in order to facilitate management to verify asset information well, and personnel. Help managers to evaluate enterprise assets. Flexible inventory barcodes to scan products operating system or enter the commodity code, can inquire this kind of commodity has plate number; The total number of goods, plate, plate will be respectively the basis for inventory. Data of kinds of commodity, have items and to offer items; When the error is found in the number of goods, need to modify, barcode to scan products can be adjusted in the data interface or enter the commodity code, position to modify the commodity, and input the corresponding number, click save button to complete the enter or the number of adjustments. To realize enterprise asset inventory benefits system is mainly used to verify the inventory plan data, in the execution of actual inventory items do audit inventory before operation, and inventory plans issued the PC system must be loaded into the handheld inventory equipment, to control the operating range of the inventory business, plans, tasks, etc. , and then to asset management, asset verification. Can help the enterprise staff to master the enterprise inventory quantity, value, and thus to improve and strengthen management. Benefits are the following: 1. Reduce the mistakes goods and assets. 2. To review the material management performance and then to improve it. 。 3. Calculate the profit and loss of profits and losses of the enterprise and material inventory has a close relationship between the material inventory amount is correct or not depends on the correctness of the stock and the unit price. 4. Measures for missing orders can quickly take orders purchasing department due to the negligence of the work orders from leaking through the inventory can be remedy. Shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD also provides communication among software, can be directly by third party software calls, the communication software to convert TXT, excel file to the database file, and the transmission path can be carried out, easy implementation and kingdee, ufida third-party software interface, etc.
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