Vast technology PDA rapid scanning order print easily realize the paperless office!

by:Fdata     2020-05-29
According to understand, to wholesalers, led by the small and medium enterprises, the majority of merchants still is given priority to with manual order, but the lack of funds and equipment, to use management software vendors also very few, so quick opening treasure for small and medium-sized enterprises brings about low cost, high efficiency of mobile phone billing software tools. 1) Order app2) PDA sheet 3) Bluetooth print all samples within 1 will store, post goods barcode 2 using the quick opening treasure PDA order, goods bar code scanning, and then input information ( Inventory, price) And then use the picture taking pictures or upload local way. ( When customers buy again, and code will appear edit good goods information) 3 customers door-to-door pick, the assistant only handheld PDA open sheet, scanning intention of goods from the customers at any time, to provide customers with price, inventory and other information. 4 and the customer to determine the type and quantity of goods good, done in PDA on order confirmation. When make payment for the customer, and then use the wireless bluetooth printer to print documents. ( The printer to print documents vary) 5 store sales data real-time synchronization to app, can check the item anywhere, anytime, inventory sales data. Billed for the app to automatically generate data report, sales, inventory hand. Liberation of the boss, pipe shop without pressure! End of the whole sales process, data based on cloud computing, no server, low cost, safe and reliable, easy to realize the paperless office! Use of PDA order will be better able to reduce the workload, the implementation of more accurate operation, let the wholesale boss more relaxed, more freedom; So opening sheet PDA device in reality has the practical application? Fast and efficient inventory: by PDA order for goods barcode scanning, can quickly input information, a key to the system, the accurate quickly finished goods inventory, in the entire operating process, can be divided into single, convenient check check. Transceiver accurate promotion: PDA order in business in the process of receiving, shipping, automatic extraction system of the source documents, convenient and practical item check, check whether the number is wrong or if a product is wrong, and liberation in the consignee or consignor with, wrong with more problems. 1, in-store purchase stock buyers with a handheld PDA order unit of choose and buy goods, can quickly entry documents information, the data information at any time via the PDA order back to the store. The business account statistics is convenient, the boss information to hand: use a handheld PDA open sheet, boss is more convenient to understand customer accounts, sales history, commodity prices, pictures, inventory and other information. 2 guide, sales order for the customer to buy goods store, guide staff can choose goods, together with opening sheet by PDA directly open the documents, documents after the finish can be directly generated by printer sales documents. And old customers to the store to choose goods, can caress the last purchase price, if there is a balance in the PDA open sheet on view at any time, no longer requires the brain memory or query on the computer. 3 a day, the boss of the unified administration of the business owner can use PDA directly order management and filing documents sales at any time, do not need to manually record orders, or through the computer input; Can quickly find the information goods, customers, suppliers, shortcuts, collaborative work between man and woman, and by sorting inventory at the same time, from time to time, send to suppliers for goods. 。 Shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD & amp; https://shop233185207. 淘宝。 com& Use of PDA sheet is a new type of execution way of wholesalers, any new way need a adaptive process, will inevitably have some problems, believe that after a period of time we will feel its practicability and accuracy.
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