Vulcan hill hospital no supermarkets, no contact self-service cashier power and epidemic prevention work

by:Fdata     2020-05-14
More than 7000 builders, 10 days, wuhan vulcan hill hospital quickly completed, it is our Chinese speed. And no one within the vulcan hill hospital supermarket, may be China's technology. Risk in order to reduce the spread of the virus, protect health care workers in hospital life convenient, use the non-contact self-help cashier no supermarket, attracted many people's eyes. The non-contact self-help cashier no supermarket, the first day for more than 200 customers to patronize. None of the customers into the supermarket, the use of self-service register scanned for goods and pay phone sweep yards, supermarket without the cashier, and can realize the supermarket is open 24 hours, very convenient. No one said that customers can in vulcan mountain using self-service register to buy in the supermarket hand sanitizer, paper towels, food, groceries, etc. More than 200 kinds of commodities. In the past, a lot of people's perception of self-help cashier is replacing cashiers, reduce labor costs. But in fact no one supermarket and self-service register cashier efficiency is increased. Customers to use the automated cash register at a convenience store in this outbreak, the non-contact self-service cashier is its greatest advantage. In addition to the cashier this link, cleaning, distribution and replenishment these or need manual operation. As convenient chain store brand bee at home most of the stores already introduce self-help and returns, and stick to every 4 hours for self-service register alcohol disinfection by designated persons. And self-help replace artificial cashier cashier, it can reduce the customer pay in cash may lead to the spread of risks, self-service register can reduce the direct contact between people, reduce the risk of infection. Sky-wave self-help cashier settlement stage, brush can support face, sweep the yard payment, commodity bar code scanning, print receipts, and other functions, can realize the unattended way of contactless settlement cashier, widely used in supermarkets, convenience stores. Sky-wave brush face self-service checkout TPS722 this outbreak is an uphill battle, but also give full play to the of all kinds of the application of new technology. No supermarket, self-service checkout before these ways are considered gimmick, has played a role in the outbreak. Ensure the supermarket staff at the same time, also ensure the normal operation of social and business. No one in the next few years, more than 10 m supermarket will blossom in domestic. According to iresearch statistical data is expected, no retail market will hit 65 billion in 2020. As taobao, highlights the importance of electricity industry in SARS period, can be expected, no supermarkets, no one cashier at the checkout, self-help, self-help vending machine no retail industry such as application, will also become part of our daily life in the future, build a safer, more convenient.
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