Weighing integration of cashier, such fresh stores customers favorite

by:Fdata     2020-08-01
If one day come home from work is not ready to dinner on the table, please don't complain because your family when you get home from work likely still waiting in line to buy food so you only need to do to run downstairs to fresh supermarket stores a word tell the boss boss: you need a set of weighing the fresh store cashier cashier integration system spend elder sister garden store location: Inner Mongolia stores: revenue management quantity: 500 + fruit shelf life is short, need professional preservation management. Also need to be pin inventory preparation, before they can complete the sales fruit into loss, can store cashier software Settings in different periods in the day of the sale price, convenient to change the price and promoting sales; Super fresh goods are said to heavy selling, the efficiency is also weighing cashier about customer shopping experience, days store retail software support weighing cashier integration, sales of high efficiency and customer pay fast. Mong kok fresh convenient supermarket store location: hubei stores: revenue management quantity: 2000 +, mongkok, for the convenience of fresh supermarket management type is relatively abundant, grain and oil, vegetables, fruits and so on demand is big, choose to think fast day's biggest problem is the first store cashier system, weighing cashier integration, improve the efficiency of the cashier. Second, the analysis of the data report query, efficient replaced human statement analysis check work; Third, the associated goods management, a variety of archives mouths to operate in an orderly way.
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