What are the development of competitive pay brush face? Prospects?

by:Fdata     2020-06-04
As paid announced since the commercialization of pay treasure to brush a face, not just retail industry, including pockets of public services, such as hospitals, industrial and commercial administration, public transportation, and other fields, have entered a new round of technical reform tide, thus is facial recognition technology into the popularity of the golden age. Then brush face pay what can solve the problem, why would suddenly rise? 1, brush face to pay, in essence is one of the ways in which mobile payment collection, but it allows consumers to sweep code don't open the phone or be swept under the condition of complete payment and consumption, is a kind of relatively independent way of payment and settlement. , therefore, the current brush face pay universal merchants, mainly some large business super, because its can help merchants directly saves the manpower, improve the efficiency of collection, brush face to pay more than 10 sets machines need only equipped with one or two staff can, saves the manpower cost greatly. 2, mobile payment is the premise of hardware have electricity, and only in this premise, the consumption of mobile payment scenarios can play a role. If offline consumption when consumers of mobile phone no electricity, or mobile phones are chasing or playing video games, or wait for the payment process, is unlikely to let the consumer left a perfect shopping experience. This time, easy to brush face, is a very wonderful offline shopping experience process. 3, the progress of technology, popularization and promotion, leave the software, not hardware. Brush face technology is applied to the early security domain, then gradually into the bank. Now, thanks to the increasing maturity of the technology, there are a lot of bank ATM machine has supported brush face withdrawals, loan audit became the brush face audit. In the brush face pay to make our life convenient and at the same time, also didn't reduce safety performance. Brush face pay advantage, capital advantage: 1 with the brush do face almost pay the same price, such as agent, to join in and a single input ( Do not include the server costs per year) , entrepreneurs can completely own independent mobile payment systems, can be paid direct docking with the official brush face machine, enjoy subsidy policy. Agent and do still need to pay the high fees each year, long-term comprehensive down far not cost-effective, and calculate, 2, the enterprise to develop independent brand advantage: entrepreneurs or business can pay brand with its own brush face completely, make your own service providers, direct docking with the WeChat pay, pay treasure to the official, with large chain and have the ability can direct, shopping street, talk about the cooperation, really do belong to entrepreneurs to their careers, get to business; 3, the advantage of data: all transactions data completely owned by customers themselves, customers can also be the first time to see their own platform data, reasonable planning their own promotion strategy, when the data accumulated to a certain degree, Number of merchants, transaction number) It won't pay, also can faster get close down far; Can also be faster access to capital, to carry out the rich operation means, provide more services, Financial loans, hardware sales, etc. ) 。
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