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What are the functions of self-service ordering kiosk in a restaurant


For people who often go to McDonald's and KFC cafeterias, the use of the self-service ordering kiosk is not unfamiliar. Compared with the traditional restaurant ordering service, the self-service ordering kiosk further liberates human labor. Because It doesn’t need a waiter, customers only need to order, pay and print the receipt in front of the ordering machine. The whole process is very simple. In the market, there are more and more self-service ordering machine suppliers, but what functions should a reliable and good quality self-service ordering terminal have?


The self-service ordering system is a management system for fast-food restaurants and canteens. It effectively works the hardware such as self-service ordering terminals, calling display screen and self-service meal taking and perfectly integrates with the front-end hardware and software of the restaurant, the kitchen and the online ordering system, and realizes the combination intelligent management of the restaurant. It improves the efficiency of ordering and management of the restaurant, and at the same time, improves the overall ordering experience of customers and the grade of the restaurant. Its application functions in restaurants are as follows:


1. The operation is simple and convenient

The main interface of the self-service ordering terminal is beautiful, simple and quick to operate, and the main functions can be completed on the screen, supporting various payments such as QR, NFC, IC/debit/credit card and mobile pay.


2. Custom menu and food flavors

The merchants can customize the definition of food taste, add side dishes, soup and drinks, and define different prices for them.


3. Define dining mode

It’s able to define the dining mode, select dining in restaurant or packing on the self-service ordering terminals.


4. Support the mode of unmanned touch advertising

Playing advertisements, brands, dishes, special packages, discounts when no one touches the display to help merchant grow business.


5. Sales and purchase data analysis

The system can be used to analyze the statistics of customers' preferences and sales. Restaurant owners and chain restaurant headquarters can access the real needs of customers based on data analysis. It helps merchants to analyze marketing strategy.


With the improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of eating has made a qualitative leap. Therefore, in restaurant management, we should not only pay attention to the food but also pay attention to the dining environment which is eye-catching. The self-service ordering kiosk in the catering industry creates a changeable dining environment for the restaurant and provides a high-quality experience for customers. For catering operation, it can not only reduce labor costs, but it also improves sales performance, service quality, management efficiency, etc.