What are the marketing chain management software function?

by:Fdata     2020-04-25
Chain management software function is complex, but some features of member management plays an important role, can simplify the cumbersome process, instead of manual operation, can be accurate analysis from the point of consumption for the customer, thus precision marketing. Small make up today he said, what are the marketing chain management software function? 1, member stored value lock shop management software will be given top-up amount according to the monthly return to customers in the electronic card, the be fond of according to the customer can increase the amount of the gift with integral or coupon and membership discount for giving back to the customer. Such use lock shop management software can not only motivate the enthusiasm of customers to a month to shop, and can help stores to lock customers. 2, electronic card lock shop management software allows customers to register as a member by paying attention to the public, mobile phone number is the membership card, it stores the business management and development of the member is faster and more convenient. Members can be consumed WeChat malls in queries, stored value, integral, coupons, etc. 3, the electronic coupon lock shop management software can be through WeChat electronic coupons in the membership card, the software of intelligent statistical distribution and use, to make the customer consumption data more transparent. Shop management software can lock to set good holidays or member's birthday, intelligent send electronic coupons, hundred arrival rate, not only save costs but also can improve the effect of clinch a deal the transformation. 4, members integral member integral is owner to carry out the marketing activities of the most commonly used methods, points for members and the use way is the key to the success of integration marketing. Members of the lock shop management software with the function of integral lottery, members will be integral in the consumer direct deduction when cash is used, or when the activity with integral lottery, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of members points for, promotes the viscosity of the customer to shop. Product quality is the key. Chain store operations on both the traditional marketing methods and use the lock shop management software management, store the quality of the products are the biggest competitiveness. Product is like hardware stores, services, marketing strategy and the lock shop management software is the owner of soft power, a full range of business customers, integration of online marketing.
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