What are wonderful playground cashier software management functions?

by:Fdata     2020-05-06
Children's playground a cashier is chosen in software has so few, the purpose of sale of goods and a small card, project handling card, prepaid phone, the gift of the net, inventory management, change management, business data management, etc. Sales of software on the market at present is very much, operators how to choose a suitable for their own? 1, have card function project time card, with a gift; Month card in card card season, according to the different needs of customers, card launch, season, year card to guide customers regular consumption, the maintenance of long-term, stable customer. Special meal card free collocation with all kinds of project, according to the different profits or collateral of the project, set different characteristic meal card, multiple combination, attract more customers. 2, a member of management functions include member registration, consumption record discount, integral, stored value, would, management, the electronic coupon, service projects, short message service and all kinds of comprehensive statistics, and other functions. 3, have cut staff card fees, more than a single cut set, the same product different payment also can set different commission. Able to support a variety of Settings in the form of royalties, the fixed amount of commission, percentage of commission, many people, notoginseng into Settings. Meet different ways of a variety of commission. 4, have the function of inventory management inventory goods discrepancy, warehouse, transfer, equality. Should pay attention to the product inventory and timely supplement sell like hot cakes, to ensure that member consumption will not be reduced due to insufficient goods store. Input inventory number, or a detailed check product sales in the system, can see how goods inventories in a timely manner. 5, operating data analysis function is the function of data report, data analysis, for some customer spending habits, such as stored value behavior can be statistics, so that children's playgrounds to make corresponding management, sales promotion strategy to better operation. 6, have WeChat card WeChat membership functions, more binding for entity card, real WeChat membership card is to solve the mobile terminal information interaction with the system, such as mobile phones in currency exchange machine take money, tickets, button exchange value, etc.
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