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What conveniences can the self-checkout kiosk take to the retail industry


In recent years, the new retail self-checkout service has become a hot topic in the retail markets, especially when those self-service checkout machines are set up in some supermarkets and convenience stores, which are the real convenient for us?


As mentioned, the self-checkout kiosk is self-service terminal equipment. It adopts an embedded barcode reader and is featured with barcode identification, collection and data transmission characteristics. It can be completed payment by the access with the backend POS system and bank card or mobile payment system. The whole operation process does not need cashier’s manual operation. The customers only need to scan the barcodes of the articles which they would purchase on the self-checkout terminals. Each article’s name, price and quantity will be displayed on the self-checkout touch screen. After confirmation, the customers can complete the checkout process with multi-payment channel, e.g. bank cards (Credit card, debit card, gift card), NFC (Apple pay, Samsung pay, Huawei pay), mobile phone QR (Amazon pay, Alipay, WeChat), and face identity payment.


With these self-checkout machines in supermarkets, customers no longer have to worry about queuing even in the shopping peak. It only takes some seconds to complete the payment processes. On the function, merchants also can improve sales promotion to expose more discount articles and reach more potential customers to purchase via payment channel applications.

Of course, in addition to the convenient cashier function, it also has management functions to stores, such as article management, member management, etc. whether it is a single retail store or a chain store, it helps the employees to do a lot of work in the checkout and store management. It’s not only to reduce the workload but also improves the efficiency of the checkout.


The above functions are the real conveniences of the self-service checkout machines, that’s the reason why it has become a hot trend in the retail industry.