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What experience a self-service kiosk brings to you in a restaurant or supermarket


As we have known, we often see many varieties of the self-service kiosks and checkouts in supermarkets and restaurants. They give us a different life experience and benefit to the merchant in providing self-checkout machines in reduced labor costs. An attendant can often run 5 to 8 checkout lanes with the work of the cashier now being assumed by the customer. The size of a self-checkout machine is also smaller than a traditional checkout manned by a cashier; thus, a store can save space, which could be used for more shelves, display cabinets or additional checkouts.

The self-service kiosk can also sometimes be faster than using a cashier lane. This can reduce the length of checkout queues and waiting times. In a survey it was found that more than 40% of customers think that the self-service kiosk is more convenient and faster than the cashier-assisted lane. 

What is the Fdata self-service kiosk

Fdata is an excellent fintech solution developer and offers an advanced suite of comprehensive solutions built on high performance and scalable technology that makes it easier for the merchant to maximize their business. The Fdata self-service kiosk S1 was invented to improve public services in various applications. It can be a platform for purchase, payment, queue and online process automation. Fdata provides the extendibility development and specifically tailors solutions to the needs of customers. The S1 self-service kiosk was developed and based on the Android system, compatible with a variety of software solutions and supported to communicate via Ethernet RJ45, WiFi, Bluetooth.

Name and Model No.Fdata Self-Service Kiosk – S1
System and CPUAndroid 5.1, Quad-core Cortex-A17, 1.8GHZ

RAM 2GB DDR3, ROM 8GB, Optional (16GB)

LCD screen23.8” IPS  1920*1080, 300cd/m2, Optional (21.5” or 27” FHD, customized cover)
Panel typeCapacitive touch screen, Optional (customized panel)
NetworkEthernet IEEE 802.3, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, Optional (3G/4G Mobile Network)
BarcodeOptional: Barcode and QR barcode
PaymentOptional: Placeholder, external POS terminal for payment
PrinterOptional: Thermal printer 58mm or 80mm
Speaker8Ω/5W *2 
RJ45*1, USB*2, DC*1, Mini USB*1, TF card slot*1
LanguageMulti-language OSD (English, Chinese etc.)
AudioMP3, WMV
BracketMetal, Standing or wall mounted bracket, Standard sliver + black/white case, Optional (other bracket colors)

The Fdata self-service kiosk is convenient, efficient, smart in assisting the merchants to reduce the costs of labors and improving customer experiences for their purchases. It’s widely applied to supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, campuses, snack bars etc.