What is brush face cover stick a card? Brush face pay what are the benefits of OEM cooperation?

by:Fdata     2020-08-10
What is brush face cover stick a card? Actually refers to the company of mature and stable brush brush face and face the merchant marketing system, the user interface of corporate logo, change the company name is your company's logo and the name of the company, the technology company's product name for your company. Brush face pay OEM cooperation benefits: 1, save brush brush face pay for development costs 2, save face payment system maintenance costs. 3, quick finish brush face payment system from 0 to 1 breakthrough 4, have their own LOGO as a brand. 5, system software upgrade automatically without cost. Spend the minimum money, quick learning, to enter the market to do their own brand, do big until after the buyout or quickly develop their own products. That how to select brush payment companies face to stick a card? 1, the company, can look from the company set up time company's main business company technical strength. 2, see technical development team, be sure to visit the company's technology development at the scene. 3, see products, the company's products in addition to the payment system if there is a brush brush face face marketing system, whether there is a value-added products. 4, the service, good service can make branded company quick-and-dirty, fast into the market. 5, look to the future, whether payment product combines WeChat brush brush face face to pay the latest equipment, the latest marketing ability, such as brush face or member, brush face login applet, brush face discounts and member prepaid phone. Although currently on the market, mobile payment systems is flowers, a company has not yet been dominant but now mobile payment system is relatively complete, basic have been at the forefront of science and technology at present. If to develop their own equipment, time cost is relatively high, developing a branded mobile payment system, at the very least need half a month time, professional technology and operation experience of very few, so be sure to measure specific pros and cons, when doing project must distinguish, right to choose is the most important thing.
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