What's good about restaurant application brush face to pay

by:Fdata     2020-08-13
Brush face pay as a product of The Times development, is sooner or later will be used for business. So, in the face of the fact that many businesses have begun to slowly contact. Next, we'll place such frequent use of dining-room, for example, look at what can bring us what benefits. 1, reduce restaurant pay queuing phenomenon believe many popular restaurants is very troubling to pay, especially in the rush hour, pay may appear the phenomenon of long lines, so the introduction of brush face pay will be more convenient. If restaurant introduced brush face to pay the cashier system, can speed up the collection efficiency, thus, restaurant dining abortion number will increase, further promote the restaurant. 2, brush brush face pay more and more security face pay equipment using the 3 d facial recognition technology, using millimeter depth information detection, through the light dot matrix, collect the user's unique biological identity information, and then after the real-name certificate of payment account connection, to the effect of the security payment, so even if criminals take our photo or video, also hard to through the certification of pay. 3, payment is more convenient in daily pay throughout the process, can appear sometimes forgot to take my mobile phone, mobile phone no electricity, no signal, the mobile phone card, crashes and other conditions, at this time, brush face pay can help customers to remember password is omitted, lost password problems, build and purse or a combination of bank card, consumers burden more convenient, also more and more willing to come to the restaurant for consumption. 4, can brush face pay for businesses to reduce costs in the restaurant after launch, can reduce the invoicing waiting, 3 - 8 seconds to finish payment flow, settlement efficiency increased by 50%, as the businessman to save manpower cost and time cost, withdrawal from fees, cost down, can give consumers more and more preferential policies, can say is good for businesses and individuals. So, brush face is made up of pay one-stop wisdom dining services. Combining online background and offline backstage, meal restaurant managers and customers, to achieve convenient safe restaurant dining experience and efficient operation. See here, everyone to brush a face can pay for the benefits of, such as restaurants, stores, are not supposed to be questioned.
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