When food and beverage retail industry because of the outbreak lockout, operator how to save his life?

by:Fdata     2020-05-17
The lunar New Year holiday is originally retail industry earn big consumption season, was caught off guard, epidemic this year consumers avoid outbreaks that occupy the home, business extension, a lot of food and beverage and retail outlets in the lockout, losses. According to statistics, affected by the outbreak, food and beverage retail only within 7 days of the Spring Festival losses could be as high as 500 billion yuan. Large-scale catering enterprises siebel even said, at present the enterprise cash flow can only stay for 3 months, imagine the impact on the entity of catering and retail enterprises. In such a situation, food and beverage retail enterprise how to stop in time, to create a new starting point? No one catering enterprises: self-help order secure epidemic prevention focus is as far as possible to cut off the contact between people, eat-in business are rejected, take-away, self-help order, take food become the new growth point. Once considered a stunt of science and technology of unmanned restaurants and self-service order in this very period reflects the advantage of it. Sky-wave self-help order machine TPS700 years ago no one restaurant opened in hangzhou ali, let users from everyone Order - Eating - Check a set of process down, don't need all the clerk operation. Aiming at some white-collar workers to gather business circle, self-help order machine and self-help cupboard has become to be bestowed favor on newly, user on your mobile phone order, wait a few minutes after successful payment, can sweep through code, remove heat from the corresponding grid good lunch box. The contactless way of catering without contact with strangers, gathered without queuing, safe and sanitary, become epidemic period have dinner first. Retail enterprises: there is no self-service checkout ChengXinChong February 3, vulcan hill hospital formally put into use, the inside of the unmanned self-help supermarket become the topic of netizens. No cashier, customers choose good contents, by unmanned self-service register self-help scanning commodities in the supermarket, mobile code can complete the payment, reduce staff contact, and the hospital staff can bring convenient 24 hours of life. No self-service checkout ways are not rare, such as wal-mart, rt-mart supermarket chain has already been rolled out to use, reduce the cluster queue. And in this outbreak, there is no self-service checkout again because of the advantage of no contact has been widely used, safe and convenient. Customers in the convenience store to use self-service register checkout crisis often will also bring new change, food and beverage retail enterprises in China in response to the outbreak, explore a new road of intelligent upgrade. Next, can reduce human cost consumption, transform the light assets of unmanned self-help intelligent equipment technology application to explode in food and beverage retail industry, create a new industry development direction.
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