When rich, 丨 high-speed rail station intelligent self-service equipment family dazzling appearance

by:Fdata     2020-05-04
Passenger safety and convenient travel, leave the stand in a line position of railway worker, also cannot leave the intelligent self-service equipment family a lot of help! Maybe someone asked? What is family? Ha! Ha! It is intelligent self-service equipment family! From the passengers to buy tickets to the ticket to ride, from direct passenger station get on the bus to a specific location, they do their job, working to improve passenger bus experience, come on ~ follow when rich, intelligent device know them together! Ticket for good sisters, her name is automatic ticket machine, tickets, and collect the tickets and usable WeChat, pay treasure or bank card payment, can also exchange website in 12306, with valid documents to buy train ticket. She holds the beijing-tianjin inter-city is self-service machine number, city, or iron silver card passengers, can find her for business, number take ticket station brothers group. He is automatic ticket gate machines, your id card on his mouth before recognition area, or the magnetic medium blue ticket, insert the green light in the mouth, you can check-in stops! His brother is a self-help real-name ticket gate, he was called brush face machine, put the id card recognition area, through the brush face check passengers buy tickets information as ticket check, certificate, triad, with the help of brother, wicket by efficiency of many! Guide sign she's at the station, direction when she the best, the station is filled with her figure, square, flat, static, dynamic, and looked up to find her, bowed their heads and can also see her! She is buffet gets, could travel for all the questions, such as trains, on-line query time, ticket prices, etc. How's that? Look at ordinary times inflexible wooden machine, suddenly feel a little cute? With the rapid development of society, and many more to adapt to the social demand of intelligent product in the update iteration, self-help equipment widely used is the inevitable outcome of The Times development, machine service instead of artificial service, will save us more human, more superior and high quality service!
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