When rich, intelligent dual face recognition cash register more show!

by:Fdata     2020-07-25
From the Spring Festival because the outbreak had a decisive impact on many industries, especially the business meal, but also a piercing. In the face of such situation, how should be reversed? Watch the vibrant spring has come, spring will also usher in catering industry, but on the device you really ready? This in more than a month, a lot of restaurants in the case of no customers entity repast, meet the list all synchronous opened a take-away meals, but whether eat-in or take-out orders, order, choose goods, payment, actually cannot leave a function complete enough smart cash register. Such as face recognition, intelligent double screen when the cash register that how to let the customer in a short time consumption in the process of increase liking to store, increase the rate of orders? At present, the intelligent double screen face recognition with facial recognition to pay cash register smart cash register is awash with extraordinary splendour. When is rich, intelligent face recognition for the cash register, double screen comes with the home screen and double screen, and all-in-one design more save the counter space, the counter surface looks more concise and easy. Intelligent dual face recognition cash register the home screen for the store cashier clearing, inventory management, etc. , and register the guest screen can display the amount of cashier and purchase details, to ensure that the amount is correct, at the same time also shows, promotional advertising products, a screen can also be cashier with advertising and marketing. Face recognition, intelligent double screen when cash register p8 supports dual vision display touch screen now many local convenience stores, restaurants, snack bar outlets are using face recognition, intelligent double screen when the cash register. Often drive trucks crisscrossed the driver wang, said his most like to have a double screen cash shop to buy something, you can see on the screen directly assistant cashier, consumption amount, product details and make out an invoice content can be seen immediately in the screen, more be clear at a glance. Both shortens their deal with time, also does not exist to collect fees in disorder phenomenon. Especially in the face of can recognize faces can charge pay double screen cash register, was away for a saviour! No money with him sometimes run out of battery, or under the condition of the cash is not enough? Now intelligent dual face recognition, cash register as long as the brush to brush the face can payment, to buy things, it's so convenient!
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