When rich, intelligent terminal using 3 d face recognition system 丨 face recognition application in the tank

by:Fdata     2020-06-02
With the rapid development of science and technology, face recognition technology has been in the imperceptibly permeated our daily life, face recognition technology for our life, travel or office provides a great convenience, so the mobile network cover, airport security, banking self-service, bus rides, family locks, village entrance guard, unit attendance and so on each domain early application of the technology and the application range of face recognition is continuously expanding. With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, in the process of the development of new technology, be born, there is always a little pain. Under the huge market potential, and even some manufacturers of corresponding technology is not mature and the specifications of pushing on face recognition brush face payment terminals and, for market poses a great safety hidden trouble. Recently, intelligent face recognition because of abundant nest together ark events and caused people's much attention to facial recognition technology and questioned. According to the report, jiaxing state outside show on foreign language school 402 class scientific team found in an after-school scientific experiments, using intelligent brush ark face take on time as long as with a photo facial printing will be able to open the smart cabinet, there is no need to express himself. Then, related media on the results of verification show that abundant nest intelligent ark is widespread with photos will be able to open the case. Face recognition technology on the market at present there are mainly two categories, face recognition terminal mainly include binocular and monocular, binocular is composed of IR and RGB two cameras, only RGB monocular camera, monocular camera usually by video or image can be identified, under the principle of the technology, even though the algorithms and software may be advanced, under limited information can also be difficult to ensure a high level of security. Face recognition in the tank terminal application: shenzhen bo, when the face recognition using 3 d face recognition system, terminal by 3 d stereo imaging cameras, two cameras to cooperate with each other to form 3 d images, an infrared sensor is used to fill light, another optical probe, at present, when rich, face recognition has terminal can accurately distinguish photos, video, masks and complex scenarios such as twins. In addition, when rich is generally applied to face recognition, face recognition terminal identity authentication system is a vital technical detection system both cameras in whether or not recognize faces for me at the same time, also can detect whether someone use photographs or cell phone to pretend to be, even if the mobile video video, also can identify under the infrared camera to detect. When rich, face recognition is committed to make face recognition more simple terminal, after years of development, when rich, face recognition has developed 'intelligent security, commercial intelligent terminal and wisdom campus three types of 18 series products and the corresponding solutions, set up a multiple service branches across the country, more than one prefecture-level service outlets, covered most parts of the country, and obtained several national patents authorization, a number of software copyright, a number of invention patents. At present, when rich facial recognition terminal, community, government and enterprises in the campus, construction site, prison, gym, hotel and so on all walks of life have landing thousands of cases.
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