When rich, science and technology intelligence 丨 power station to ask cashier machine efficiency increase!

by:Fdata     2020-07-16
Customer satisfaction is high, natural shop reputation, good reputation to attract more customers to consumption, this a series of chain reaction, eventually shops will be the benefits of growth. When rich, intelligent power station to ask cashier machine efficiency increase science and technology, so what are the advantages of intelligent cashier machine? First, sensitive interactive high-definition color double screen, can be more flexible and more intuitive present customer orders, to create a more clear and high-end consumption experience for customers, improve the image of the business overall. Second, sets, pay treasure, WeChat, balance, bank CARDS, such as a variety of payment technology at a suit, meet the demand of customers a variety of payment platforms, to speed up the efficiency of the gas station cashier at the same time, set up the station professional image in the customer heart. Third, when rich technology double-sided touch one cash register built-in seiko thermal printer, after the completion of the payment or prepaid phone can automatically issue receipts, printing rapid fluid can be ensured and can solve the problems of ordinary printer often single. Fourth, when rich technology double-sided touch one cash register can directly add station entity card member, member of the binding electron, view the member information and management authority, do not need to switch the background for many times. More simple and convenient operation, is an extension of the customer relationship management (CRM) is more effective. Blend in gas station intelligent, all-roundization service to the customer management, promote economic efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.
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