When rich, witness solution and its characteristics to identify channels!

by:Fdata     2020-08-07
In the environment of social security demand is higher and higher, ordinary entrance guard card entrance guard cannot have satisfied some special places. And with the development of the system and carry out, id identification at the airport, high-speed rail, station and other places has universal application, however, the id card is lost, even if dealt with for report the loss of STH, but as a result of the second generation id card there is no cancellation measures, lead to the original id card can still normal use, this makes a lot of criminals using fake id can freely in and out of the airport, high-speed rail and other special places where the people big, travel safety is of great hidden danger to the public. In this context, when rich, witness and system solutions for the system validation of intelligent transportation products operations. When rich, witness to identify channel solution: when rich, based on the identity CARDS and the joining together of face the development of the witness system solution can effectively improve security requirements. By id card face photos with the scene in the face with the faces of contrast, system can be in the front-end equipment, quickly identify whether the using of the papers and certificates are consistent, recognition rate reached 99. More than 9%, can really do one witness, and prevent theft. Not only can avoid the loss of documents after the illegal use, also can hit a certificate of criminals with others. When rich, witness to identify the characteristics of the channel solution: 1, based on the deep learning algorithm, to solve the problem across age identification; 2, can be in different light, different attitude, compare under different expressions, can adapt to face large deflection Angle; 3, 200 w, wide dynamic cameras, smart fill light, backlighting clear 4, also support the Ministry of Public Security for the second generation card reader connected, read id information, photos. 5, the function of automatic face alignment: system automatically detect human face, recognize faces, and compare the faces of id card, output ratio on the results.
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