Where is wisdom dining room to become a new label the enterprise image, the reason!

by:Fdata     2020-07-14
Rui xing coffee was once head shots, make the world a new sense of the leek investment market chaos. Secretly pleased make a gain of rui xing buy a send N, as a canteen meal industry agriculture enterprise, more attention is the emphasis in the building of the scene and the user experience. So do you have any reference for the dining room? The answer is to highlight corporate demand, strengthen the user experience. Many, including starbucks coffee brand aimed at first-tier cities core business enterprise white-collar, to create the otc edition WeWork office space, it is not difficult to find in this way can meet the demand of Chinese consumers' psychology. Apple's dining room to give up is made of stainless steel plate, the more the long strips of wood and glass mix, create the opening space 1994 square meters, the main purpose in addition to give employees work meal, also prevent employees from eating out reveal company secrets, Uber San Francisco headquarters provide food in the office, will give top priority to optimize staff efficiency, to ensure that employees can stay in the scene at the same time, access to health and nutrition as much as possible. It can be said that foreign enterprises on perfecting the canteen food, form a complete set of meet the requirements of the enterprise and the staff, constantly optimize the staff dining experience, will be the canteen operating rose to the height of the enterprise management. Improve the canteen operating ability, reduce operating costs, for domestic enterprises has always been an important but easily neglected problems. In recent years, the domestic leading companies take turns to rectification of canteen, canteen wisdom to a certain height. Wisdom dining room to have a buffet dining room models + characteristic archives mouths features, by deduction gate face recognition and smart to sell rice terminal build wisdom dining room. Employees through the facial recognition deduction gate unified into the dining room, with brush face can consumption, convenient and quick. Through to the national enterprise canteen, canteen wisdom is put forward by mobile phone WeChat order way in advance, the breakfast stalls order + lunch dinner buffet, face recognition settlement payment, solves the problem accurately purchasing food logistics, and ease the canteen field choose double pressure of meal and settlement. The taste of the dishes is a key for the canteen, but with the continuous development of enterprises, science and technology, the demand of enterprises and staff dining experience is infinite amplification, enhance the management capacity of wisdom the dining room is the enterprise will choose the road. Alibaba canteen, canteen red network, huawei as countless people choosing standard, at the same time also become the enterprise external image of high quality label, competitiveness has soared.
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