Wholesale archives mouths fast order PDA smart scan terminal wholesale shop system

by:Fdata     2020-07-14
Do wholesale stalls for years, article number in a wide range of models for the sort, must want to have a simple and quick way of wholesale management method. At present very few can satisfy users to rapid, simple, efficient and the most fundamental requirement. Fast moving billing solution. Don't put the computer in the store, also do not need to re-enter the data. With a sheet, a printer, you can bring your own, you can also use them with. I use these two devices, the background to the next their APP. Quick opening Po order implement wireless bluetooth printer using a handheld order quick opening treasure rapid scanning bar code, the entry goods data ( Inventory quantity, price) And no more than 1 day. And then to archives mouths each staff is equipped with order. 2 customer visits, quick opening treasure handheld order reception and scan the sample at any time, to give customer price, inventory, etc. Old customers in the mobile phone or name, then can be automatically prompted to take a record of goods last time, take a price of goods, quantity, etc. 3 choose good product variety and quantity with our customer, order, click confirm to complete. Payment, change, etc. Then use wireless bluetooth printer to print out two or three documents, or print multigang standard documents ( According to the different printing) of the printer 。 Go to the warehouse take delivery. ( Or directly send logistics Courier) 4 data immediately synchronized to the boss phone APP, you can view, day, month and year of sales data. Sheet is tasted, the whole store inventory, etc. All the data. 5 all the data is to use cloud services. Don't own server, is more safe and reliable, costs are lower. The computer, at least you don't need to spend time. By inputting can scan the barcode and archived can also manually enter the barcode. Every goods have a bar code, scan the barcode by inputting. If there is no bar code of goods, will provide the barcode, custom merchandise, permanent definition. Mobile terminal can view the data, PC can also be, but need to owner permissions. As little as possible to use a computer, the computer input data, far from order, mobile phones, cloud services combined with better efficiency.
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