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Why wisdom community should have facial recognition access control system?


Wisdom community, facial recognition access control system

Facial recognition access control system, I believe everyone is no strange with it. At present, some smart upgrade communities and companies are already in use. A high-quality face recognition access control system can not only save the original trouble of entering a password or having to carry a card, but also prevent the regular use of passwords caused by multiple people Troubles such as replacement, face recognition access control can quickly swipe the face and pass conveniently, which does bring a lot of convenience to our lives and workplace travel. 

So, why a wisdom community should have a high-quality face recognition system? 

  1. Security needs to be taken seriously. When designing an access control system, the first thing to consider is the security of the system, that is, whether it is possible to effectively control the entry and exit of personnel, and master its access information. Because the IC card access control system is an intelligent electronic control system, it can make full use of the intelligence of the computer, and at the same time use a variety of methods to control to ensure the safety and reliability of the system. Shenzhen Bosite Technology face recognition access control system is a good choice. 

  2. Reliability can be considered from both software and hardware aspects of face recognition access control system solutions, hardware reliability, in addition to mechanical components, also consider the design and replacement of sub-control module, because it has to be 24 hours a day Stop working to make it have higher performance requirements, and should be able to meet the changes in environmental temperature, humidity, and strong resistance to electromagnetic interference. Shenzhen Fdata face recognition system is a high-performance, high-reliability face recognition product, using 3D dynamic face recognition module, using deep learning algorithm, higher accuracy, faster recognition speed, supports various scenarios Mode: Face recognition, witness identification, multiple verification methods of IC card, used with personnel channel.