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wifi-supportive store cash register for wholesale for sale

wifi-supportive store cash register for wholesale for sale

Wifi-supportive store cash register for wholesale for sale

Model No.
Quad-core Cortex-A17,1.8GHZ
Android 5.1
Storage Device
8GB(16GB Optional)
Touch Panel
Capacitive touch screen (could be customized)
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Product Comparison
Fdata has professional production workshops and great production technology. android handheld pos terminal we produce, in line with the national quality inspection standards, has reasonable structure, stable performance, good safety, and high reliability. It is also available in a wide range of types and specifications. Customers' diverse needs can be fully fulfilled.Fdata's android handheld pos terminal has the following advantages over products in the same category.
Company Advantages
1. The raw materials of Fdata commercial cash register are procured and selected from reliable vendors in the industry.
2. The products have passed strict quality examination and inspection before they leave the factory.
3. Excellent performance: the product is superior in performance, which could be seen in the test reports and the users' comments. This makes it highly cost-effective and widely recognized.
4. With a surface protection structure, the product saves people from frequent dust cleaning and components maintaining. Customers said they only need to wipe the dust once a month.
5. Free of electromagnetic resonance or radio radiation, the product inflicts very little healthy influence on people even they use it for hours.

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Multi-functional ECR model P1502
15 inch restaurant, all in one touch POS system with dual display, real time display.
We can customize for you, specially designed for your supermarket, restaurant, and retail shops.
The display size we can do as 15.6 inch, 13.3 inch and 11.6 inch.

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CPUQuad-core Cortex-A17,1.8GHZ 
OSAndroid 5.1
Memory2GB DDR3
Storage Device8GB(16GB Optional)
Three sizes LCD screen optional, can be customized into single or dual screen.
Single screen: 15.6'/13.3'/11.6'
Dual screen set: 15.6'+13.3' /15.6'+11.6' /13.3'+11.6' /15.6'+15.6' /13.3'+13.3' /11.6'+11.6'
15.6' LCD:1920*1080;13.3' LCD:1366*768;11.6‘ LCD: 1920*1080
Touch Panel Capacitive touch screen (could be customized)
Standard: one TP only/one TP with a sync display screen; could be customized into two different display TPs
WifiWIFI 802.11 b/g/n
BluetoothBT 4.0
I/OInternet LAN*1, 10M/100M/1000M adaptive network interface
RJ45*1, COM interface
RS232*1, COM interface
USB*4 (Back), USB*1 (Front)
RJ11*1, Cash box interface
DC IN*1, 12V 3A
TF card slot *1
LED lightsYES
System LanguageSupport Multi-language OSD: English, Chinese etc
Support Audio: MP3,WMV
Support Photo: JPEG,BMP,GIF

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Hotel, restaurant, fast-food restaurant, coffee shop, We have rich interface can connect with the cashbox, thermal Printer, barcode reader and EFT POS to work together.

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Company Features
1. Through the manufacture of a full range store cash register , Shenzhen Fdata Co., Ltd. has a wide range of target customers.
2. Fdata Point of Sale Terminal Tailored Payment Solution Provider hosts some of the world's leading researchers in the pos cash register field.
3. Fdata has been working hard to satisfy each customer since its establishment. Inquire online! With the support of professional team, Fdata has won much recognition. Inquire online!
Love it !
More room than standard check register, which is not nearly big enough. This has plenty of room.
So much easier to write on
Bought this for my mother-in-law, she loves having the larger writing area.
Good quality paper. Ink does not bleed thru. Can almost fit one month's worth of transactions on one page. Lots of pages. Will be using it for many years. Will buy again.
Exactly how I wanted it. Not big and bulky. Arrived promptly in good condition.
hated bugging the bank for one at a time this thing is well worth it.
Large size is easy to write clear descriptions of payments. There is a transaction/check, payment/debt and deposit/credit columns. It is better than a check register as it covers different types of transactions! Plus it's vey cute! Works well for my needs!!!
The lines are a little over 1/4 inch apart. Your average free bank one's only give you 3/16 inch line spacing. Plenty of room to use a felt tip pen. I've been looking for one like this in the shops, but no one carries them anymore. I'm glad to find one on Amazon. It doesn't have the gray lines, but I've never used them anyway.
This is great. prefect size
Good stitching, sturdy zipper, substantial vinyl.
"The vinyl is thick, the zipper is smooth and made well, and there is a lot of space. Personally, I keep my oral care items such as full size toothbrush, orabrush, travel sized toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss inside. It's a very good bag, and I definitely recommend it. I plan on getting another one. It is absolutely perfect for travel."
Use it for storing toiletries while traveling. The zipper makes it easy to close and the clear vinyl makes it easy to see what's inside.
Very well made and durable bag. Orders a second one.
Love this purse. I am using it as a clutch and it works very well. The quality is amazing! I can only reccommend it!
Wow! I initially bought one MMF234041720 for slightly more than $5 then decided I wanted two more. Out of curiosity I tried multiple searches with different terms. This identical MMF 234041720 is listed numerous ways on Amazon, at prices ranging from $4.11 including free shipping that does not require the now-usual Amazon $35 minimum total, up to a high of over $40 for one! Search “All Departments” and look for “Leatherette Zippered Wallet” for the best price. For the greatest number of reviews (all 24 are positive) search for “Vinyl Zipper Wallet.” For entertainment, try 234041720 and other combinations of search terms in the all departments category, like vinyl zipper wallet and zipper top wallet. Where free shipping is listed, be sure to check whether it is free ship without the Amazon minimum total purchase. It will say free shipping without the Amazon statement. This is a sturdy, supple clear vinyl bag with a good quality YKK zipper, which, I believe, is self-healing, so you can expect long life from it. I think the manufacturer, because it comes in different colors, added the tag “leatherette.” In reality, it is smooth, high quality vinyl, not leatherette. For other nice comments do the search above. For someone who needs a larger size quality zippered sack, take a look at the Eagle Creek Pack-It®-Sacs, which are in fact elegant looking. This bag is not at all elegant. It is functional and sturdy.
Worked great for our Lapidary Club.
Ordered this for at work & it is exactly what we needed. Great product & price!
Great product!
Bought to take to prison. Perfect for that.
These work great for my tools
Absolutely love this! I use it as a ledger for my "sinking funds". I'm currently following Dave Ramsey and I'm new to YNAB (You Need A Budget). I have been saving for various things such as christmas and birthdays. Recently I open a Capital 360 checking account and I save for all these items using this one account. I started having problems keeping track of all my sinking funds because I was using one account for all of them. I tried using various saving accounts but it started to become too much. Once I opened the checking account it was so much easier. I realized after I needed a ledger. I searched and couldnt find anything that would work just right. Either it was too complicated or it costed too much. Then I found this! Its perfect! I love the simplicity and you can pick a cute cover verses a boring plain cover. I feel thats a good thing because if you have it laying around no one would guess it was for your personal checking or savings.
I love this check register, and just what I was looking for. I use my debit card for all my purchases, and do online bill pay-hardly write checks anymore, so this works perfectly for my needs. It’s light weight and not too bulky for my purse, and love the entry lines, gives more room for detailed notes if need to. I’m glad I purchased this based on most of the 5* reviews.
Those crammed spaces in my regular checkbook the bank gives you are getting too difficult for me to focus and see. The Superior Check and Debit Card Register gives plenty of space to write in whatever I need to while easy on my eyes. The quality of the cover is like card stock and paper is nice too... will order another when needed.
This is much easier to use than the check registers that are included with your checks. Also allows you to keep track of electronic payments or debit card purchases. Keeping your own written records of these transactions can help fight fraud or theft. Writing checks may seem outdated when you can pay online, but it’s always interesting when someone from a billing department calls you because the year you wrote on your check is many years before. Time traveling! I’ve bought these check registers many times (they keep disappearing), but I keep coming back to this product because it’s so useful.
I keep track of my check book in this as well as on the computer. I like having a hard copy in case I lose it on the computer for some reason. I like the size of it, it is easy to write in. I also like to balance my checkbook and it is easier with this register than doing it on the computer for me.
Ever since I purchased this for the first time a few years ago, this register is the only one I use. It's large and roomy. It's got all the headings I need to organize my finances and purchases. I definitely recommend this to everyone! Buy a couple at a time. I prefer the wide style, I feel it gives my hand room to stay out of the way of smearing what I write.
Have been searching for such a sensible useful check register for ages. Plenty of room to record your checks/debit card purchases and descriptions for same. The wide rule is fabulous. No more dealing with the puny registers the bank offers. Will definitely buy again.
I love this-- I finally have enough space to write all my notes to myself and list all my debit card purchases. HOWEVER, this is a rather large register-- Unless you carry a huge bag, you will not want to throw this in your purse. I leave mine at home and then keep all my debit card receipts together in a pocket on my purse, and then write them down when I get home. If you're looking for a purse size register, this is probably not it. But, it works for me just great! (I hated how quickly my old check registers always filled up)
Don't know why it took me all these years to look for something larger to keep track of my banking checks, debits and deposits, etc. I would have to order the little check registers and not only was it a hassle, but they are so small, and inconvenient. This large Debit Register is so so nice. It 's so much bigger and will last a long time. Entries are much easier to see, and if I need to, I can carry it in a purse. I will never go back to using the little registers again.
I love this. Excellent for older eyes, a great addition to that little tiny checkbook. This would be great for teaching children how to record checks and balance a checkbook. I will for sure buy again and I will buy one for my grandson.
I much prefer the larger registers to the ones that the bank gives you. So much more room to write!!! I can leave detailed explanations in the register. I don't carry it in my purse, but I leave it on my desk at home and update the register as I feel is needed, which is every evening. I have duplicate checks so I don't need to write every transaction as I do it. My debit card gets more of work out then my check book anyway
I love this check recorder! The spaces are large enough to add details the binding is durable and the black and white pattern is simple and plain. I would reorder again!
Nice product, just ended up being too large to fit in my wife's purse. Would be great if smaller size with more pages to make it same entry capacity.
Print quality of the cover is very poor and the photo looks blurry. It does the job though and it fits perfectly in my mini binder.
I use only these for checkbook accounting. Since I don't carry a checkbook anymore, these are very nice for desktop use.
This register is very easy to use and has plenty of room to record entries and make notes. After I received mine, I immediately ordered 2 more.
This is perfect for those of us with large hand writing. I can easily and legibly write down my expenses.
Nice check register. I keep feeling i should have ordered more. For some reason it is hard to find a check register by itself. In this age I only use checks for a few bills and almost never take a check book with me. The size for me was perfect, the smaller ones were nice for taking with your checkbook, but a pain to write what you need in just one line. It is nice having a larger one for me to read.
I have been using this for years for keeping track of my checkbook. Works great.
The chance to write larger is just what my husband and I wanted. I especially like that it has the spiral binding so the pages lie flat while you are writing. I will order this again.
Exactly what I was looking for, happy with the purchase!
Really nice easy to read and use.
Had a hard time finding a cash tray that would fit in the desk drawer next to pencil tray. This fit perfectly! And has just the right number of cash and coin compartments for our use. Seems quite sturdy. Once when the cash count came out 10 cents short we discovered one dime had fallen through the slot in the middle of the tray that falls to the dime compartment. We put a piece of tape over the slot (not sure why that slot is there) and haven’t lost any more dimes!
Hates to spend nearly $40 for a cash drawer but this one was well worth the money. Will make my job much easier at outdoor shows.
Larger than expected. Wallet is a bad discription.
Nice bag for a variety of things. Most recently we used it to put small toys in to take on a road trip and it was awesome! Kids could see what was in there and choose what they wanted easily.
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