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Will intelligent hardware such as self-service cash register become mainstream?


Enlightenment under epidemic situation: Infrared temperature measurement, intelligent hardware such as self-service cash register will become mainstream?

During the epidemic, the keyword of no contact became part of people's lives. If you want to eat delicious food, you can choose contactless delivery. If you want to go to the supermarket to purchase materials, the contactless self-service cash register allows you to work face-to-face without having to face the cashier. 

Contactless online meeting and online collaboration software Can do most of the work; even hospitals who want to deliver meals to patients or disinfect wards can be completed by robots, without contact at all times, reducing the workload of medical staff. Maintaining distance is the most basic courtesy and literacy between people in extraordinary times. 

Under the epidemic situation, the introduction of contactless services for takeaways has actually brought about the concepts of contactless and non-contact, as early as the time when e-commerce first emerged. Through the development of technology and intelligent hardware, it has a new meaning and background. For example, during epidemic prevention and control, temperature detection is the first control. Everyone needs to measure the temperature, how to ensure that the risk of personnel infection is reduced during the temperature measurement? The use of non-contact infrared body temperature detection terminals is now a solution for many places. It is used in stations, office buildings, residential quarters, etc. to complete the body temperature detection of the flow of people. And these infrared temperature measurement terminals do not need to wear masks, they are not afraid of infections, they can also be on duty 24 hours, and can also reduce frontline protection materials. For example, Fdata face recognition temperature measurement terminal, built-in binocular camera, can support binocular live detection face recognition, It also adopts infrared thermography temperature measurement technology to achieve accurate and rapid temperature measurement. 

Temperature measurement identity verification terminal for the attendance access control of office buildings, at present, only enterprises in the country have suspended the use of fingerprint attendance and these contact-type attendance equipment. Even if it is a lift elevator, it is best to use a non-contact method. For example, some companies now use face recognition attendance terminals for attendance. As long as the employee ’s face information is entered into the platform, the face recognition terminal can perform identity verification, even with a mask, it can recognize the employee ’s identity, and even control the entrance and exit gates Or elevator switch to achieve non-contact access control attendance. 

The unmanned supermarket in Vulcan Mountain Hospital also provides another example of contactless service for retail scenarios. No cashier is required. After selecting products in the unmanned supermarket, users can directly complete the commodity scanning and scan code payment on the self-service cash register, reducing the chance of personnel contact and infection in special scenes. Under the special background of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, customers use self-service cash register to check out inside the convenience store. 

Therefore, making contactless service become a habit, once you learn to start this habit of using contactless services, it will bring users to various unmanned scenarios in the future. Whether it is contactless or non-contact, through technology to inject richer content into each life. Rely on these contactless services to allow society to function normally instead.