Wireless warehouse management, warehouse management, PDA achieve the scientific management of warehouse. _ printing devices

by:Fdata     2020-07-21
What is the wireless warehouse barcode software? Wireless bar code software is warehouse commodity bar code technology as the core, the two dimensional barcode warehouse management terminal 4 g, fully application of wireless network communication technology, geographic information system and wireless handset terminal, combining C/S and B/S architecture, automated real-time wireless barcode warehouse management system is established. Wireless warehouse barcode software will focus on the scene of the data in the warehouse, fundamentally guarantees the actual operation, the logistics status and background database accurately unified anytime and anywhere, and further improve the working efficiency, realize the scientific management of warehouse. Shenzhen vast intelligent terminal barcode wireless warehouse management system applications: raw material storage, semi-finished products library, shipping department, etc. Shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. , wireless barcode warehouse management system through process automation, automatic storage optimization, task seconded, cargo warehousing, forwarding cross homework, increase efficiency of the warehouse operation and management work; Through the barcode scanning, real-time verification, according to the tray number tracking, greatly reduced the time (of the existing model to find the information would be Via detecting can shorten about two-thirds) , barcode warehouse management system, improved the precision of query and inventory ( Precision can reach 99. More than 95%) PDA, warehouse management, greatly increase the flow rate of the, GRN, warehouse management, enhance the ability to handle. The realization of the system at the same time also reduce the waste of human resources, the adoption of dynamic comprehensive human resources allocation, the statistics can be reduced by about 20%, the most important thing is that increase the efficiency of personnel, reduce the unnecessary cost. Therefore, wireless real-time warehouse management system can meet the demand of warehouse management system in modern logistics management mode. Warehouse management system features: 1, to build on our rapid development platform, the whole system can meet the basic needs of small and medium-sized enterprise warehouse management, can customize according to customer requirements quickly; 2, wireless terminal real-time scanning and proofreading, the rapid loading and unloading, in the library management, and other finishing work; 3, documents generated automatically, reduce the error of manual entry documents, to ensure the products of the warehouse account number is consistent; Four, record all warehouse operation information, facilitate query tracking, warehouse management; 5, wireless real-time print bar code labels, save the warehouse staff to run back and forth between offices and warehouses, 6, reduce the cost of warehouse management, to improve warehouse operation efficiency; 7, and computer software interface, can realize the seamless docking.
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