'Wisdom canteen' brush face eat 丨 watch face time has come!

by:Fdata     2020-08-11
2 with the Ministry of Education of the education informatization. 0 action plan, the national standard committee of 'overall build wisdom campus' and so on a series of policies and practices, education informationization has become an important part of education strategy, the future wisdom campus revolution is accelerating. Wisdom canteen is one of the important activities, campus life is three point one line just need special properties of high frequency makes it the ideal of wisdom campus entrance in the future. To the traditional school canteen pain points, through the powerful mobile, face ability to pay and ERP system, through comprehensive data, improve the canteen service efficiency, help the school comprehensive control. In terms of repast, students can independently take food, on-demand take quantity, decide food type and quantity, reasonable nutrition is tie-in, solve the students lined up to take food, the food collocation is not reasonable, waste of serious problems such as; By face recognition and large data analysis technology, the students do not need to take the meal card, can complete intelligent non-inductive pay, shorten the queue time of students. And wisdom can also to the student canteen system precision measuring each time take dishes, accumulation of students repast big data, form the nutrition analysis report, and allergic source food warning against the individual students, to ensure the safety of the students' diet, do health management for students, provide dietary advice, cultivate a healthy diet. Wisdom in management, canteen background management system for teachers and students daily meals for big data analysis and generate daily meals report, provide scientific basis for the canteen purchasing ingredients, promise not to waste food, leaving no leftovers. In addition, each spending and income will be put on record, to solve the problem of information island comes, boost campus efficient management. Wisdom of canteen system is an important part of wisdom campus, introduced successful, really realize the brush face to have a meal, see the face of age has come, believe the wisdom campus will have a better development in the future.
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