'Wisdom canteen' conform to the trend of The Times constantly advancing digital 丨 POS industry

by:Fdata     2020-06-08
Canteen wisdom refers to override the canteen management the whole process of the dining room management system, for different canteen scene, joint mobile Internet trend of The Times, innovation to build convenient mode of canteen. This model can provide new mobile information service for diner, help the canteen to discard the traditional catering management shortcomings, direct operation management core, from the inside out ahead of time ideas of building, the advanced Internet technology solution + the canteen. Intelligence is just means, experience is the destination. Customers need to point on the screen, choose table, order will be finished, invoicing and a series of processes. One lovely modelling robot to gourmet meals to the table, kitchen empty only after huge machine arm kept stirring ever exist only in science fiction the scene in the movie, in 2018, with the emergence of Taiwan's wisdom dining room into a reality. For example, old five fang zhai jointly ali word-of-mouth APP, has created its first unmanned wisdom in hangzhou dining room; Zhou Black Duck and WeChat jointly create wisdom stores at shenzhen, support brush face that take the door, thumb up payments; Jingdong first dining room at tianjin, future robot service and food production. Haidilao has become a listed company, not content with the status quo, always want to change the pattern to attract customers. In October 2018, opened a haidilao wisdom canteen. Into the dining room, huge screen compelling allelic area. Scan the qr code screen to participate in the haidilao independent research and development of small game, with real-time see numeral. From cherry blossoms, flying to snowy mountains, to the vastness of the sky, a full range of surrounding the projection transform different scenarios, give sufficient customers freshness. Intelligent food warehouse, it is a 0 & deg; 4 ℃ constant temperature warehouse, with mechanical arm according to the order contents grasping corresponding items from the warehouse. How to accurately identify food? By the plate at the bottom of the RFID ( Radio frequency identification) Chip, recording the above food information, timely discover and deal with expired food can help the canteen. In addition, the store room is equipped with many sets of intelligence robot, intelligent dishwashers and other high-tech equipment. Good services, has always been the haidilao's ace in the hole. The personage inside course of study says, the robot can not only improve the work efficiency, reduce the error, more can liberate human. Liberation of human can be engaged in by a machine instead of work, such as communication with customers, etc. Based on the analysis of the large data, the key to intelligent is the canteen. Integration platform for the data analysis, from the chain stores to collect user information for data analysis, for different stores to provide the corresponding operational planning advice. Now Internet users more for teenagers to give priority to young people, with the development of science and technology and the transformation of ideas, people more Internet users group will continue to expand in the future, the POS industry rapidly to intelligent digital, to adapt to the new situation of the development of science and technology. In the next 3 years to 5 years, the intelligent technology will be extensively penetration POS industry, thus affecting the whole POS industry. The development of high quality, quality, and the efficiency is still is the theme of the current POS industry reform and development. Under the background of the development of Internet technology, the current 5 g era, digital technology application range is more and more wide, POS industry as a sign of intelligent device, under the impetus of the Internet, logistics, cold chain technology, combining online and will dig up new growth point.
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