Wisdom canteen 丨 during the period of 'disease', how to play the biggest role?

by:Fdata     2020-07-21
2020 outbreak of the most concern every one of us everywhere, but now as people closer to return to work the time node, Spring Festival travel peak will be open in the next few days, the metropolis is also restore the development of the pulse, this is a new type of coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, it will be a new challenge. The food to Ann first, as a typical personnel gathering place of canteen, high density of liquid, employment is much, three meals a day task, etc. And dinner and must remove the mask, the spread of the virus way everywhere. In the face of crisis, dining room to fight disease what should we do? On-the-job personnel completes the behavior control on-the-job personnel hygiene and health is about the happy life of others. During the work should be neatly dressed, wearing masks, gloves and other protective gear, every day more than two temperature detection and make records. Meal less face-to-face contact in traditional dining room scene, and contact with close contact, touching contaminated surfaces, such as card slot, fill machine, etc. , there is the possibility of infection. And wisdom in the canteen WeChat order, network order and nailing reservation system to avoid the direct contact and indirect contact between people. As long as through the online order can complete, do not contact any pollution. In order to do a good job in prevention to avoid infection. Recently there is a canteen notice: return one leg, eating, eating, need more than one meter apart. The resulting netizens, known as the university entrance exam type. But joy cattle online reservation series software fundamentally solve the problem of the series. A breakthrough for contactless distribution online reservation, room door to door; Online reservation, take meal ark take meal; For hospitals, schools and other special places, can be in the office, dormitory free positions such as intelligent sideboard, canteen unified distribution, diners with a code, card may take with food, at the same time do a good job in daily cleaning and disinfection to ensure that the storage environment health security. In addition, also can consider to cut some of the dining room with good clean vegetables on their online platform or ark of clean vegetables to sell. Employees stir heating in the home, to revitalize the dining room to spare resources effectively and compression employees go out to buy food and cooking time. As strengthen nutrition, strengthen resistance increased, dining room can cater to consumer demand, with many in tonic, nutrition, eating a healthy diet for selling point of innovation.
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