'Wisdom canteen food security guard students, open the' brush face 'the new mode of consumption

by:Fdata     2020-07-28
Students are the future of the motherland, the student is in growth period, and then good mental and physical growth is crucial for students, so you need to provide them with adequate and balanced nutrition. School canteen manager but also should be noted that, choosing the right management style is Paramount. Here, small make up recommend everyone intelligent technology co. , LTD. Nanjing calf the wisdom of the dining room. Wisdom canteen solution is a set of standardized meal information solution, design of ERP management, intelligent hardware, mobile payment, face, etc. , can imagine from purchasing, selling and management analysis of whole process such as information services. Intelligent counter, intelligent plates, intelligent food! The traditional mode of the canteen, every meal time, the students basic to line up more than 10 minutes, to charge to eat rice, wait for a long time. Some schools to ban students to carry mobile phones to applied social catering widespread use of mobile code to pay, and wisdom canteen solution USES is face to pay, no card, no cell phones, avoid the students lost card rate high, BuKa rate caused by the waste of money, reduced the queue length at the same time, improve the efficiency of the meal. Now, many schools have applied in the canteen, wisdom and has achieved good effect, reflect is very good. Basically completed the collection of information, the human face brush opens up a new mode of face consumption. The quality of the food raw materials affect the canteen management each link. By wisdom canteen data acquisition, analysis, and information technology, we can understand the ingredients from farmland to dining table of each pass, to ensure the safety of the students eat the food is safe. Originally the traceability, naturally reduce the food safety accidents. Wisdom canteen brought the four quarters of the students, parents, canteens, schools and win-win, strengthen the confidence in the construction of campus informatization. Future, POS industry will be based on automatic identification of this area, to build more information scenario, make the campus life more intelligent.
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