Wisdom canteen industry solution 丨 intelligent POS hardware allows you to redefine the canteen management system!

by:Fdata     2020-04-28
Wisdom dining room has a line for a variety of formats for solution, it could almost be met all group meal dining room, from enters sells saves the management to the financial system and intelligent pos hardware, to the dining room to have traditional numbness idea people to have a refreshing change, as you said below a few smart pos hardware bright spot, to help you define your in the mind of the dining room. Face smart to sell rice can be used in the dining hall general mouth mouth, take-away stall and supermarket cashier scenario, users in the screen order and submit the order, use the brush face, code completion or credit card payment. Dining room dozen vegetables staff can sync check to the order information, Including food, amount, name, etc. ) And complete equipment eat. Canteen management can all order information query, convenient dining room personnel to handle orders, data can be synchronized to the backend system at the same time, the food and canteen operating conditions are analyzed. Intelligent cupboard in colleges and universities, hospitals and enterprises canteen scene, diners through a terminal or cell phone APP after booking order and pay, canteen complete equipment eat after delivery directly to the enclosure. Diners can at any time to the intelligent sideboards isomorphism and code/input validation code/brush on the face and directly complete take food, convenient and quick, energy saving a lot of time. Intelligent cupboard have heat preservation function, can meet the demand of dining staff dining. Intelligent settlement diners in free to choose what you want to eat a meal products in food dish and place it in the smart settlement, clearing machine through the recognition of chip intelligent settlement statistics out of the single price, diners directly through the way of sweeping brush yards/credit card/face complete settlement, the whole process without human participation, to speed up the meals and settlement time, avoid queuing influence dining experience, at the same time, saving labor costs. Face deduction gate face deduction brake machine adopts infrared live face detection technology, with high performance, high stability, high reliability, widely used in enterprise units, colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, hospitals and other forms, mainly for the buffet canteen consumption, site of factory, village school, station, hotels, office buildings, scenic spot into the entrance guard management, attendance management, etc.
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