'Wisdom city' 丨 '+' wisdom wisdom, intelligent community, intelligent family life!

by:Fdata     2020-08-11
Intelligent life, intelligent community, intelligent family about wisdom + phrases emerge in endlessly, a wave of wisdom city construction began to rise. Beijing, nanjing, guangzhou and other cities have proposed the related intelligence community reconstruction scheme, artificial intelligence, constantly breaking into people's lives, is quietly changing people's way of life. Community access management should include the pedestrian traffic equipment ( Such as brake, speed through the door, electric door, etc. ) , face recognition system, the management server, video server, and surveillance cameras, hard disk video recorders and other equipment; Have community card, authorize the qr code, physical id card number, password to open the door a variety of ways; With conditions and construction of face recognition entrance guard neighborhood, identification system should be able to support database is not less than 50000 faces. The machine less than face image retrieval can't open the gate. The villas security manager XiaoShiQuan is introduced, the villas area a total of 1100 residents, foot traffic, face recognition system can effectively solve the problem of foreign researchers followed into the community. At present, the intelligent entrance guard system has face information collected 95% of the residents. Residents can free access, so the visiting guests and take-away little brother? To this, the can of face recognition entrance guard management system also provides a more personalized solutions. Visitors through the intelligent entrance guard system called mobile phone number, the other mobile phone can receive real-time remote monitoring picture, after confirm the door can be opened. If not when it comes to outsiders to the control and regulation, let in and out, can affect the quality of life. If it is dangerous, and it may destroy the community environment directly, or is related to property such as theft, losses are huge. Therefore, if choose docking public security net to make a visit to the aircraft can avoid the worry, dangerous once visit, there will be a warning message is sent to management personnel mobile phone, shut out of it.
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