Wisdom cupboard out of contact take meal, full power canteen protective outbreak treasure!

by:Fdata     2020-07-21
No snowflake, an avalanche is innocent. New crown virus for the dining industry has brought serious challenges. Affected by the epidemic, after the enterprises and return to work, how to bypass the canteen abortion, solve the problem of a meal, will be a manager needs to be an important issue. At present, the period of time dine, non-contact repast, has become the consensus of everyone. As a wise head enterprise in the industry of the canteen, full wisdom treasure canteen, aiming at the condition of the epidemic in real time, put forward the solution for the dining room eating out of contact, can help the canteen to carry out online order business, effective distribution of dining room scenes of people, reduce the cross infection crowd, by the broad masses of the dining room colleague's consistent high praise. Full wisdom treasure canteen contactless repast solution, dinner by guiding users to use full treasure dining room reservation APP online booking take-away, dining room to accept an order, in accordance with the unified standard separate distribution way, to send the food to diner. Full dinner out of contact wisdom treasure take food tank has the following advantages: portability: avoid queuing to reduce staff contact cleanliness: food grade PP material, through national institutions authorized security: high temperature antivirus + ultraviolet sterilization double insurance reliability: multiple actual project cases, 4 years operation zero failure in addition to the wisdom cupboard take food, full wisdom treasure dining room system, there are a variety of practical way of dining room repast, can meet the demand of enterprises canteens. Can take the place as designated by specifying the time the agreement meal, can sweep through the dining room code quickly take food, etc. In the face of the outbreak, full wisdom treasure cafeteria eating out of contact pattern can help the canteen do: 1, the shunt canteen, effectively reduce the crowd gathered; 2, delivery staff through professional training, strict disinfection, ensure the safety of the room; 3, use full wisdom treasure cupboard for non-contact take food, cut off the epidemic transmission way; 4, ensuring the efficient repast, traceability food sources, food production, canteen safety guarantee; New virus threat is a crown to the whole dining room to the challenges of the industry, in the case of traditional dining room business model risk, wisdom canteen contactless solution is more and more attention by all of us. Believe that we use the most advanced scientific wisdom dining room solution, can effectively reduce the risk of virus infection, need protect everyone dining at the same time, both body health and safety.
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