Wisdom dining room four features, its advantages?

by:Fdata     2020-04-28
Dining room upgrade is the most urgent problem to solve enterprise, wisdom cafeteria buffet canteen model + characteristic archives mouths after launch, won the recognition of most enterprises, through the facial recognition deduction gate and smart to sell rice the wisdom of the terminal building dining room, dining room for the enterprise operators and diners are provides more convenience, have played an important role in a win-win situation. Buffet canteen model wisdom, in view of the characteristics of starch archives mouths, set up a stall faces pay the cashier. Employees through the facial recognition deduction gate unified into the dining room, buffet consumption, if you need to add vegetables, can be ordered in archives mouths, with same face can consumption, convenient and quick. Wisdom canteen four features: 1, the characteristic function of order: internal system direct booking meal dining room reservation system can wisdom and dock with the enterprise internal system directly, through the enterprise internal software can complete order action, convenient and quick. 2, display function: nutrition meal nutrition intake, canteen system and wisdom in order and settlement two areas show employees the food nutrients, at the same time, daily, weekly report to push consumption and nutrient intake. 3, special function: first repast, subsidies for overtime workers, after the enterprise may apply subsidies after dinner first, and be able to dock with the enterprise function of check on work attendance, according to the attendance automatically to subsidise. 4, order online processing functions: interactive, comments and complaints with wisdom staff canteen system can interact in the internal system and canteen review, at the same time, if have any questions about the order, there can be online order complaints, staff canteen will be handled in a timely manner. Advantages: 1, the buffet form can create a free and open dining room environment, alleviate the pressure of the canteen queue, by face recognition deduction gate can realize the unattended, at the same time the buffet form to cancel the archives mouths, can release archives mouths staff, can reduce the canteen staff costs, achieve authors effect. 2, by order and interactive features, open the canteen and staff communication channels, help the canteen to optimize reform, better services for employees. 3, the nutrition tip embodies the humanistic care of enterprises, employees at any time pay attention to body health, reasonable work healthy life.
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