Wisdom dining room free meal function, make your canteen second tall!

by:Fdata     2020-04-28
With the rapid development of science and technology and era, upgrading of canteen is really surprising, one not careful wisdom canteen there have already been in your side, you focus FanDianEr eat no longer worry about line length, rice aunt hand shaking problem is solved, dining experience feeling is getting better and better, more cluttered + no taste of the food has no longer is that most people cognition in the dining room, the tall on new word + enjoy has become enterprises canteens, saying these you may not believe completely, do the comparison for all of us! Most enterprises dining time is limited, waiting to take up most of the time eating too much, artificial calculation price is deposited in the calculation of deviation! 1, the consumers choose after meal, food prices mainly through artificial recognition, low efficiency, error-prone 2, consumers carry cash, the meal card payments, is not convenient to carry, easy to lost 3, backward billing methods, revenue analysis is not intuitive, extensive management, 4 and high cost of operation management, to the cashier to demand higher wisdom canteen dining room free meal solution, dishes is filled into the pan, diners must according to the demand, without consultation, a large number of canteen meal time and workload, simplify choose dishes unified background management division, information and price can be adjusted quickly dish and update the price, settlement completely done by the system, without manual intervention. 1, quickly identify, calculation precision, visual recognition speed is quick, accurate, unattended to reduce costs. 2, not clearing early warning, avoid single leakage phenomenon, support for multiple payment ( Brush a face, sweep the yard, the meal card) 3, every single clearing up to 2 seconds, settlement speed reduced queuing phenomenon 4, 10 times per second, high-speed stress contrast, to eliminate the artificial accounting errors that may occur and thus causing disputes over the wisdom of the canteen system for the dining room free meal dining scene, through image recognition, complete the intelligent hardware chip recognition automatically clearing, statistical number and the amount of the single system, fully automated clearing, without human intervention. Intelligent settlement can avoid human errors, reckoning precision, greatly improve efficiency of settlement, alleviate the settlement queuing congestion, save manpower, and at the same time to reduce operating costs.
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