Wisdom dining room management system management system, allows you to rediscover the canteen!

by:Fdata     2020-08-03
When it comes to dining room management system management system, the traditional concept of the dining room management system is in the public's cognition can pay phone sweep code, a charging machine! That you need to look at the road, the emergence of the wisdom of the new dining room management system management system not only includes the hardware, but also contains a powerful management system. Six big wisdom canteen management system features 1, queuing time average 20% less 2, 31% increased an average of three order efficiency and comprehensive rate, average 80% increased 4, equipment eat accuracy rate, average 98% increased 5, online payment 06, operating costs by an average 10% cater to mobile Internet trend of The Times, based on existing canteen management mode, innovation to build convenient dining room reservation and eating patterns, which can realize precise equipment eat/procurement, put an end to waste/corruption, strengthen the diner and canteen to interact, promote dining experience and canteen service level. Have strong management function at the same time, not only including sourcing, cost, inventory, reporting, personnel authority, the meal card management, and other basic canteen management functions, and high-end dining hall headquarters control ability, can satisfy the need of different sizes of the canteen management.
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