Wisdom dining room management system management system, canteen upgrade of choice

by:Fdata     2020-05-30
Now on the market the wisdom of the canteen system is becoming more and more good and evil people mixed up, choose a suitable for their dining room to use the system is very important. Dining room management system management system is a long development, from the previous meal ticket, cash register, cash to counter from one card to the wisdom of the canteen system now. Before you choose wisdom canteen system, according to their own needs to choose and own canteen belongs to what type ( Archives mouths, free meal, buffet) , size, how much traffic, dinner guest unit price how to prepare, in that order pattern, and so on, only together with the present situation of their own dining room in full, to pick out a canteen system suits own wisdom. Enterprise unit cafeteria, for example, generally the number is more, or more perfect enterprise scale system will be equipped with internal staff canteen, since welfare nature as a unit, so the staff canteen will typically have a meal. The so-called subsidized meals is unit of employee dining a welfare benefits, usually only spending, can't withdraw. In view of this situation, choose wisdom canteen system, must want to have a meal to fill management module, which has the obvious difference and social meal management system. For example, a power company, in order to improve the efficiency of staff meals and dining experience, use wisdom canteen system belongs to the canteen for the intelligent upgrade of the system. Choose wisdom K1, canteen system carrying console terminal machine realize face recognition buffet dinner, meet the demand of repast. Face recognition system, high recognition rate and recognition speed and defense level algorithm is more safe and reliable. Through brush face dining saves its qinghai province electric power company employees live queue order time, sense of science and technology, enhance the staff dining experience. By a new face recognition solutions, make its qinghai province electric power company headquarters in the dining room management level more intelligent. Wisdom in the dining room management system, in view of the account management functions, set up different types of accounts are divided into: cash account and subsidized meals account of cash to cover the method of payment is the administrator account is aimed at no meal after creating a user, will automatically generate a cash account for the user, the user settlement will use the balance in an account. Cash account by WeChat, pay treasure, backstage data manually process for prepaid phone. Five kinds of subsidized meals account in addition to the cash account, needed to satisfy the business administrator can also add 1 - for the user Five subsidized meals account, each meal accounts can be respectively corresponding to different consumption scenarios ( The supermarket consumption or more archives mouths different rules, etc. ) , subsidized meals account priority when it is in the consumer, the administrator can limit each subsidized meals account can use scenarios. Will first start from the first subsidized meals account determine whether can be in the current scenario consumption, if consumer is to deduction of subsidized meals account balance, if the subsidized meals account by the administrator to limit consumption under the scenario, will determine the next meal accounts, finally no subsidized meals account can use or subsidized meals account balance is insufficient, can draw cash account balance. This function can satisfy the business enterprise under a variety of consumer scenarios, realizes the staff to make meal for under different scenarios. Dining room to the diversification of consumption for the enterprise provides a convenient way. Wisdom dining room management system management system, enterprise unit dining room upgrade of choice.
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