Wisdom dining room new gameplay, brush face brake machine advantage!

by:Fdata     2020-07-21
Face recognition gate has been widely used in recent years, face recognition brake machine adopts infrared live face detection technology, with high performance, high stability, high reliability, widely used in enterprise units, colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, hospitals and other forms, mainly for the buffet canteen consumption, site of factory, village school, station, hotels, office buildings, scenic spot into the entrance guard management, attendance management, etc. Face brake machine is mainly applied to the buffet canteen consumption scenarios, to meet customer demand diversification, flexible allocation of their different category at other meals standard, different meal subsidies for consumption scenarios, preferential support configuration rules, such as lapse, discount, etc. , can be qualified personnel number of consumption and the number of preferential use, in the absence of the state of the network, the offline consumption, with net offline orders automatically after the upload, multidimensional consumption statistics report, such as according to the dimension of stores, according to the organization. Personnel of flexible set different categories of attendance time, open the way of check on work attendance, Such as credit card/brush face) , the background can also be in accordance with the staff attendance category, organization statistics. Conclusion face recognition under the gate edge points in the application in the canteen. 1, the scientific management of visitors data visitor data entry: read id/IC card, system support id card image capture, video monitoring, video cross-sectional images of social resources and various source images, support support face recognition, and identification card, identification card + face recognition ways. Data management: consumer orders, access record real-time query, a variety of consumption statistics report; Flexible pricing, but according to each consumer setting through deduction standard. 2 brush face lock machine, personnel distribution management, internal personnel in and out of, can brush directly face internal and external personnel distribution management, foreign visitors through a simple registration, can realize brake brush face corridor, brush face in and out, efficient and convenient, saves the manpower cost greatly. 3, no card management, high standard in and out of the personnel in and out without id card, IC card, visitor list, the entire & lsquo; Brush the face & rsquo; A flash, 0. 5 seconds, quickly identify data updated in real time, more convenient management 4, infrared using infrared face recognition technology to identify real contrast, reality comparison, can't pretend to be others, using someone else's photos brush face lock. 5, support a variety of peripheral equipment support RS485 serial port or RS232 serial port access door implementers channel permissions management, equipment support external card reader, USB interface equipment can output certification results fixed voice prompt, equipment support guard dog to protect the mechanism, ensure equipment operation stability.
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