Wisdom dining room new value by onlookers, block chain into enterprise canteen survival!

by:Fdata     2020-06-14
Recently, with the national policy guidance to further clear, advocate push block ground application of the chain, chain block has once again become the focus of all walks of life. Wisdom industry began to explore the first step in the canteen dining room system block chain technology can assign commercial value fall to the ground, and the data analysis, face recognition, food safety and traceability of raw materials and other aspects of the technical support. A, trace the source of data to ensure the safety of the staff dining chain block one of the most obvious application, landing back in logistics area. For dinner canteen managers and staff, from farms or factories to the dining room to the path of the plate may be very long and very complicated, food production, logistics, storage, security and other issues, it is difficult to implement tracking monitoring, transparent. Whether can shrink the canteen management costs, on the basis of guarantee the repast personnel is the basic goal of industry in pursuit of food security. This is a great contribution to block chain solution can place, from the source, transportation to the dining room management, canteen management system combined with wisdom block chain system, to collaborate in the form of trust and tamper-proof, traceability of beef, rice, oil and other commodities, the canteen manager to scan the qr code on the goods, can understand the source of goods supply, logistics time process, product testing report and other details. This operation is also the world chain wal-mart is applied in practical scenario, wal-mart China chief compliance officer morality ming-zhi Chen said that the traceability system to its by way of three-dimensional administration of food safety management, will bring transparency to the citizens, ease of consumption experience. 2, data visualization, promote canteen operating ability is different from previous centralized accounting, block chain has a center node, and distribution of charge to an account in different nodes, have the feature of participating in their account and upload information, data cannot be changed, transparent, can be done on the basis of the data release party authorization, realize data sharing. Wisdom canteen management system through the record, online consumption of the face recognition, etc. , aggregate consumption data, form the staff dining preferences, eating time, food analysis, cost of raw materials, such as how much inventory list of dimensional analysis, avoid the original manual data records are the risk of misuse, abuse, for the canteen overall operating implementation monitoring, optimization and promotion effect. The use of chain blocks of two features: one is distributed to an account, the second is data counterpoising truly. Three, face recognition, intelligent payment perfect wisdom dining room repast personnel information management system, the intelligent double screen terminal, vertical order terminal channel terminals, smart and settlement, brake machines, and other order settlement terminal have facial recognition, the financial level AI technology joint block chain technique is applied to data analysis platform, on the premise of their original data don't leak, can build a more perfect user portrait. Dining room managers can through the perfect user portrait, improve equipment eat structure, dig more business value, such as product recommendation, precise marketing. Express by using block chain technology conceive the possibility of retail loyalty programs, to increase the rate of existing customers after purchase. Also, for the canteen management, after purchase is life, dining customer loyalty can also decided to survival of a dining room. Dining room managers can dining room management system management system, by wisdom do precise marketing activities, can by issuing coupons or directional push activities, improve the viscosity of diner. This operation is more suitable for enterprises and institutions canteens, or for-profit social dining room. Block chain as one of the underlying technology, the Internet will deeply influence the change process of the Internet. And as the Internet and technology scene application more and more in the canteen, block change the dining room to the time and degree of industry chain, will be faster to common sense than we imagine. Promoting the comprehensive ability of the dining room capacity, the goal and ideal. In the future, how to block chain, science and technology in the process of operation in the canteen to play a more favorable value, wisdom canteen management system will be more practice scenario, summarize and explore constantly.
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