Wisdom dining room to optimize high-tech enterprises canteen, enhance the level of employee dining experience and canteen service!

by:Fdata     2020-05-15
A lot of office worker at noon meal time have common pain points, go to the dining hall to the big screen lines, wait until your time is not food cold is not what to eat. The author wanted to tell you, now this-time-is-different, wisdom canteen appear perfect solved the office workers eating sad plight, wisdom canteen is based on government agencies, enterprises and institutions canteens management mode, innovative building dining room reservation and eating patterns. Supports a variety of forms of canteen, including free meals, buffet dinner, archives mouths, booking meal, etc. , to meet the requirements of diversification canteen catering mode. Brush face dining system supports multiple canteen mode, including free meals, buffet, archives mouths repast, booking meal pattern, etc. Face recognition technology and financial level AI millisecond response speed, dinner greatly improve efficiency, reduce queuing situation. Subsidized meals meal system can batch issue subsidized meals, can through the balance of subsidized meals clearing, can set various subsidized meals account rules matching different scenarios and consumption. Dining room ERP management based on the cloud SaaS deployment patterns, to purchase inventory, cost accounting, the canteen management comprehensive statistical analysis of the data, operating conditions at any time to master the canteen. Scheduled meals management through mobile phone APP, small program, and the public mobile POS, scheduled due to a variety of ways, terminal machine eat-in, since, reduce queuing, dining experience of ascension. Food safety regulatory ingredients for the accurate records, equipped with food inspection, food traceability, Ming kitchen bright kitchen, food retention samples, and other functions, food storage processing process in real time by mobile phone after the background check. Wisdom supermarket system supports brush face pays, sweep the yard, second grade and settlement, do not need to carry the meal card, adapt to support multiple payment scenario for ins and outs of goods, goods maintenance, commodities classification management, generate reports and multi-dimensional record multiple refund methods: brush face a refund, ticket refund, etc. Food management according to the food trend trading data, auxiliary catering center optimizing management structure, the auxiliary files according to the season, user preferences and profit margins, optimize the structure of food, for the canteen management decision to provide important. Based control system can realize the canteen management supervisor grading control logistics headquarters, and the division of the canteen management data and real-time unicom headquarters, headquarters control provide a powerful tool for the canteen. Wisdom canteen system at the same time have a strong background management functions, not only contains user management, consumption limit, recipes, card management, enters sells saves the management, data statistics, interactive centre, food safety, etc. , and high-end dining hall headquarters control ability, meet the demand of management of all the size of the cafeteria, canteen for managers to provide canteen optimization operation data support. At the same time, strengthen the dining room to the interaction between employees and enterprises, promote staff dining experience and canteen service level.
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