Wisdom in the disease hospital cafeteria dinner how no contact?

by:Fdata     2020-05-31
Outbreak, the traditional scene ushered in the new challenge of the canteen. How to monitor repast personnel body status? How to reduce the risk of cross contamination? How to ensure the safety of the diner meal? A series of problems of the reality, let the canteen management. In the hospital cafeteria in numerous dining room scene even more special. In the scene in the hospital canteen, complex composition, stream, the doctor-patient cross infection risk is bigger. How to solve the hospital canteen scene current pain points, full wisdom treasure canteen system has been working hard. Recently, full wisdom treasure dining room to organized a free donation that the national hospital cafeteria reservation software activity, has caused great repercussions in society. First of all, let's look at full treasure out of contact solution. During the resistance to disease, hospitals are under a lot of challenges, paramedics try very hard to save each life. In the face of high strength work, is one of the largest challenge to medical personnel is the threat of physical strength overdraft and virus infection. So timely supplement energy, safe and healthy diet is especially important. Full treasure contactless repast solution, have a remote centre, and dining room features to be delivered to the outside, diners can order online via the APP, reduce time dining choices, avoid concentrations to the dining room repast, to reduce the spread of the virus, reduce the risk of infection. Canteen take-out food through unified the dinning, airtight packaging exclusive distribution by the dining room staff. In the unity of the staff canteen meals money health monitoring, such as sports, disinfection, etc. Diners take food have a variety of ways, through full wisdom treasure sideboards sweep code take food, can also be the place as designated by specifying the time, by the staff canteen meals. The first way is the advantage of wisdom cupboard with functions of high temperature antivirus, through uv + high temperature, can effectively eliminate the bacteria, ensure food safety. Second way is simple, convenient and quick, do not need to bear the hardware cost. Next, let's look at full treasure, don't isolate virus isolation service, operating upgrade don't stop. Full wisdom canteen, treasure in package separate way, reduce repast user choices waiting time, improve production efficiency. Full wisdom treasure canteen, through online reservation + canteen way out, increase repast users take food channel, reduce people cross spread the risk. Full wisdom treasure canteen, through the 24-hour online service, remote mentoring, rapid deployment, let each hospital cafeteria information level significantly increased. Through science, a full solution without contact to ensure the epidemic prevention and control of zero blind Angle. 1, staff canteen and repast personnel management: total temperature, wash their hands, wearing a mask to do 100% of basic protection. 2, canteen staff: must do full body detection, must, in accordance with standard operating process specifications, reasonable in the food processing and packaging. 3 and comprehensive disinfection security: strictly to do a good job of disinfection canteen scene and operating scenarios, especially all equipment must be in accordance with the standard antivirus, front office and after hutch antivirus at least 3 times a day. 4, by popular science propaganda, strengthen the consciousness of epidemic prevention staff canteen and diners, do well the details control, prevent penny wise and pound foolish.
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