With artificial intelligence technology driven, face more intelligent entrance guard system!

by:Fdata     2020-05-01
With cross-border integration of artificial intelligence and security technology, a reversal of the security industry technology iteration, market transition and business model is on. Based on the innovation of the new technology application and development of the market demand, constantly in sharp in the direction of intelligent entrance guard system along with them, with a biometric technology derived a lot of new entrance guard system, iris, entrance guard system, fingerprint entrance guard system, face recognition entrance guard system, etc. , and the video monitoring system, alarm system, fire linkage integration of system implementation, and the realization of the entrance guard system is not just a simple closed, to lock the door and other applications, it has become more intelligent. At present, the most passionate nature is based on 3 d facial recognition technology faces the entrance guard, based on face recognition degree, higher security than other entrance guard is high also, although there is still the visibility distance, light, etc. , but with deepening and improvement of mature technology, now on the market for visible light face living identification + white light, your eyes and face recognition and the support of these new dynamic, wide art, low light intensity of illumination, and the ability to cope with the complex environment light interference, pictures, mobile phone screen, the paper can be effectively, such as silicon mask false face recognition, anti-counterfeiting effect is good, the security is improved. Thus, with the iteration technology, face recognition speed will be faster, rubber seals will be stronger, in addition, process optimization, in the registration process more fast and convenient, users can use a mobile phone can register for the face recognition. Carry country drives, artificial intelligence technology to push the wisdom city and so on positive policies, to make biological recognition technology is more mature and perfect, more intelligent entrance guard system then, each place different landing application in all walks of life. Due to the present our country on the door and, of course, no uniform standard, lead to the emergence of price, quality, and so on, lead to blocked access industry, but believe that with technical innovation and industrial upgrading, entrance guard market development in our country will get a leap to ascend, and entrance guard manufacturer as inputs and deepen constantly, high-value, will also introduce more intelligent products and solutions, meet the demand of diversification of users.
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