With PDA sweep again products, wireless barcode traceability management system! _ printing devices

by:Fdata     2020-07-23
This is on the basis of the original production of bar code management system combined with trace function, make product management efficiency will be improved. What is a bar code management system? Simply is each product with a bar code, bar code is the related information of this product, product category from time and place, etc. , such as going to a supermarket to buy commodity invoicing is scanning computer bar code automatic product category and price. Production barcode traceability management system, as the name suggests is aimed at the production process, production workshop using the system, such as by using wireless network and barcode, PDA mobile data acquisition technology. PDA ( 个人数字助理) , also known as palmtop computer, pos machine, smart phones, tablets, etc can all be called PDA, we are here for industrial-grade PDA, commonly known as the bar code scanner. Bar code trace can from the bar code management system, strong traceability management two parts to prove it. With traditional warehouse operation process, such as to a batch of material, warehouse administrator must manually counting and registration material source, category, quantity and so on, if by the box counting that is better, if it is according to the number, the number of count. . . it takes a lot of time, incoming number species number more and more, inventory work hard to carry out the most important is counting accuracy tends to drop a lot. This situation if using barcode traceability system is not only the manual registration before entering the computer in this step, but also the data input is very accurate. Material, warehouse operator only needs to take a PDA sweep over the product, the system automatically establish batch codes, material category, supplier information, the basic data of bad code automatic registration, docking ERP interfaces, automatically generate data. Shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. , traceability management is mainly refers to the process of production traceability and product after-sales back 1. A product is only one independent traces the barcode. Trace code by commonly: product category, production date, the period of validity, batch number, etc. If found unqualified product in the process of sampling, can quickly find which parts are in the process of production, which production process problems. Sampling qualified, production line, to scan the registration of products, to print qr code, product storage. Insert the video 2. If the products have been sold, after found product quality problem such as threat to consumer safety, can immediately query the delivery information, quickly to recall the products. Decrease the loss of the brand image to the greatest extent.
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