Wuhan community of more than ten thousand people how to do prevention? CCTV reported that the temperature measuring terminal face recognition!

by:Fdata     2020-06-23
On April 8th, wuhan unsealed. This means that the domestic outbreak heaviest city survived the most difficult period, press the reset button again. But unlock does not mean to relax, haven't complete victory in the war on epidemic prevention before, we still need to remain vigilant. Wuhan epidemic prevention and control headquarters, also said remove from han channel after closed, to continue strict village access management, implement the identity will ask, information will be recorded, temperature shall be measured, masks will wear four requirements. Aimed at some place in and out of the staff body temperature detection measurement results, leakage is not allowed and unexpected problems, epidemic prevention department requires to strengthen community personnel in and out around the body temperature monitoring, scientific and reasonable setting temperature monitoring, to ensure that all test, no leakage should be test one. But to ensure that a large number of personnel identification test not missing, is a huge test for epidemic prevention staff. How to achieve safe efficient? With the help of intelligent infrared remote temperature measuring terminal, many community submitted a satisfactory answer. On April 4, CCTV columns 'news 30 points,' reporters reported the wuhan area how to through the identification terminal and epidemic prevention. This live in more than twelve thousand people in the community is the sky wave identification intelligent temperature measuring terminal, can achieve rapid contactless temperature measurement. CCTV reported sky-wave intelligent temperature measuring terminal just stood on the sky wave temperature identification terminal of a second, measure their temperature, can be quickly completed quickly community entrance temperature and epidemic prevention work. Epidemic prevention researchers examine thousands of people every day, workload is very big. And community use the sky wave identification intelligent temperature measuring terminal, resident contactless temperature measurement can be directly to both improve the temperature measuring efficiency, also reduce the cross infection. As home to return to work and production resumption of schooling is not just in wuhan, China's 1. 4 billion population increase liquidity, and epidemic prevention has also increased the pressure. Identification using intelligent temperature measuring terminal to a sharp rise in the temperature test identity verification efficiency, combined with the large data tracking technology, to do a good job of comprehensive prevention. In addition to the community, in public places such as railway station, airport, application of intelligent temperature measuring terminal identity recognition, more than one fix temperature measurement, code register, identification, reduce workload and risk prevention personnel, promote efficiency of temperature in and out. Bill Gates accepted PBS on April 7, PBS) The PBS news hour, praised China as an example to return to work, China to return to work wearing a mask, temperature and other measures effectively avoids the outbreak rebounded sharply. Epidemic prevention to do let the number of cases decline, make the detection ability and the ability of the contact tracker, and the ability to ensure isolation to continue, you will not see have rebounded sharply. To do huge population of temperature measurement, all need to rely on intelligent temperature measuring terminal auxiliary. Small make up way yesterday to a village in the village, two epidemic prevention staff at the village, one with a temperature measuring gun, a responsible for check in and out of health code. Under the scorching sun sky, two epidemic prevention staff are a little sweaty. Epidemic prevention staff come rain or shine, their dedication is worth admire, but if you can through the intelligent temperature measuring such intelligent identification terminal hardware, reduce the workload of epidemic prevention personnel, promote efficiency, believe that will better protect everyone's health. Sky wave identification intelligent temperature measuring terminal can realize non-contact distance measuring temperature, also can achieve scan code identification, identity verification functions such as id card recognition, face recognition, power efficient safety such as community, workplace and epidemic prevention work. Sky-wave face recognition temperature measuring terminal TPS980 China and epidemic prevention work there for all to see, and science and technology of China in the war plague advantage, make automatic temperature measurement, identification and big data scheduling and epidemic prevention work easier and efficient, to ensure more people's health and safety, to prevent epidemic spread play an important role.
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