You don't know the clothing store cashier system of those important features!

by:Fdata     2020-05-07
Clothing store can greatly small shop in the cities, too many clothing stores, however as open store owner, they need to store brings considerable income, this needs to change the traditional ideas, the same rent in that can through other ways to increase the consumption of the shop. Just clothing store cashier system to do this, first said the selection criteria: 1, the amount of clothing store go faster, you need to be able to more efficient management of goods 2, the design and color of clothes size is more difficult to manage, so finance system should be in the archives of goods to choose clothing according to product category attributes, and then to the design and color of clothing 3, measurement and effective management, inventory early warning function, can be set through cashier system inventory warning function set, once the inventory control money or out of stock, inventory warning to remind feedback in time. What is important? 1, commodity color measurement management system in aggressive advocate think commodity item not only can set the color of the number, style, also can enter fabrics, cup size, the length of the legs, more latitude attribute set function. The more clothes upload 2, label printing, need to print label. If every print need to bother to edit print content, adjust font size and spacing, create a good template to print, that would be a waste of time, meet no computer editor, select the last directly and more convenient. 3, cashier clothing store traffic was high speed, especially on holidays, crowded, customer will line up to pay, they want most is faster at this time. Every step and order operation less, less on each customer for a second time, thousands of customer, can save thousands of seconds. So the cashier steps as little as possible. 4, commodity inventory management enters sells saves the management for clothing store is a very important function, so the cash register must support the replenishment, inventory, allocation, reported loss, inventory early warning, and other functions. 5, member management boutique shop competition is more and more big, are trying to put the new customers become repeat customers. Member discounts by cashier software, score, prepaid phone, consumption quota to upgrade, to promote consumption, is the most direct means.
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