You must understand the knowledge point, brush face eight preparation before payment cooperation!

by:Fdata     2020-06-16
Brush face market continues to heat up, by the attention of the people from all walks of life. Many entrepreneurs to fight, want to pay incoming brush face. Before joining must understand the following eight big problem. What are a, brush the face equipment available in the market now face brush equipment is mainly divided into two: one is to pay treasure dragonfly equipment, the other is a WeChat pay frog equipment. Pay treasure to the latest version of the device is released in October last year a dragonfly Plus all-in-one and dragonflies Extension fission machine, and announced that open light member ability, and dragonflies. WeChat launched the latest version is in August last year the frog Pro double screen, link WeChat ecology. 2, understand the brush face pay what is the advantage to go out now hand a cell phone, but to ensure that mobile phones have a signal, there is electricity, one thousand mobile phone have the point of failure will be in a dilemma. Or in the supermarket, hands inconvenience, brush face pay can solve these problems, as long as the brush face can complete the payment. Brush face equipment are used the 3 d structure light camera, ensure accurate identification, cannot by identifying only photo paper, ensure safety can be user account already so, also, brush face equipment also supports code. Three, brush the face equipment will butt original cashier system? Brush face equipment can be docking system of the original, the current brush will face equipment can butt on the market most of the cashier system, its main is in the original system increase a new way of payment, will not affect the original system. Four, knowing the cause of the brush face pay will spread at the technical level, brush face pay completely get rid of the mobile phone, the APP, password, and other media, use non-inductive identification technology, brush face payment security, fast and convenient; In the aspect of promotion. The increase in capacity is lower costs, the price of the equipment has been in line with market expectations. WeChat, pay treasure to vigorously promote, in order to preempt the market out of huge subsidies. Pay for unlimited investment in the future. Five, the brush device where can install and use face? More than 9000 merchants in China, small micro market main body size. Brush face there is a big market vacancy, now a good time to seize market formally. Brush face pay applicable range is very wide, as long as there is a gathering place of consumption can install and use. Six, is there any WeChat and pay treasure to kandy brush face equipment WeChat and alipay is a competitor, they two devices means that two different channels, different platforms and UID database. At this stage the official launch to brush a face equipment, at the same time support polymerization and yards, so don't worry about no money. Seven, brush brush face gathering want poundage face equipment hardware cost to a certain extent, had to pay all know, as long as you have to pay in the financial sector will have to pay fees, like sweep POS card and code to pay, the costs are borne by businesses in industry or different types of businesses can apply for the rate cut, at present the conventional market at 0. 2 - 0. 6, between public schools and hospitals also can apply for a zero rate of subsidy policy. Why would accept brush face eight, users pay fast speed: less than 1 seconds sweep face, pay the entire process is completed in less than 7 seconds and save queue waiting time. Jie: don't need to operate a series of steps show the qr code, don't even need to mobile phones and APP, meet the demand of people's inertia, face go out! Ann: all through the latest 3 d facial recognition, combined with two layers of hardware and software testing, facial recognition accuracy is as high as 99. 99%. Good experience: science and technology, the official launch of a series of preferential subsidies, new things are easy to be accepted by the young people, this is the very first consumer crowd.
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